San Diego Padres at PETCO Park

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San Diego Padres Swinging Friar Mascot

The Swinging Friar

    Yesterday I went to my first San Diego Padres game in PETCO Park where I watched them play the Arizona Diamondbacks. The tickets, wonderfully provided by my good friend and companion for the game, Jane were great; a scant 19 rows in from first base which put us well within foul ball and souvenir throwing range.


Looking At The Sky While Inside PETCO PARK

    The June gloom that grips San Diego is annoying, unless you are watching a Padres game at PETCO Park, I found out yesterday. You see, I’m from Denver, Colorado where I only attended Rockies games at Coors Field when the forecast called for 100 percent sunshine. In Denver, clouds like what you see in the photo above and the photo below means either afternoon thunderstorms or snow, depending on the time of year; wet or cold and wet. Out here in what is usually sunny San Diego cloudy skies mean you don’t have to worry about being cooked alive in your seat by the sun or freezing to death at the end of the game, but as the time of sunset approaches you will understand why I recommend bring a jacket. It wasn’t until I got up to leave the stadium that I finally put it on and it felt good!


Fans Hope For The Best From The Padres & The Weather

    Despite the cloudy skies it was a pleasant Saturday afternoon and all the fans were in great spirits, hoping to see the Padres begin their long climb from being the team with the worst record to the team with the best, starting with this game right here. Alas, it was not to be. It seemed to me that the Padres need to improve their pitching. My first home game had me bear witness to the Padres bullpen give up a homerun, balk a runner on to base, walk six others onto base and walk a run home. They did bring nine strikeouts to the table and they where surgically spread out amongst the Diamondbacks batting lineup with eight of their nine batters going under that knife but come on! You can’t put eight runners on the bags for free and win a ball game!


Chase Headley Laments Ending The Bottom Of The Inning

    The Padres just seemed to have a hard time getting the fire lit. Chase Headley failed to get on base and was also the third out so he slowly removed his batting equipment whilst waiting for his glove to arrive. You play your best whether you are winning or losing, arriving to the field with a clean uniform and a broken in glove every single game.


PETCO Park Full Of Fair Weather Fans

    It was nice to see most of the fans stuck it out to the bitter end. The bottom of the ninth is when miracles happen, so leaving early when you are the home team is never a gamble I’m willing to make. Either way it felt good to finally be a fair weather fan on a cloudy day in San Diego; I cheered, did the wave and have photos to share with the world so it was a good day. Cheers!


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