San Diego Zoo Safari Park Cutting Room Floor

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Flamingos at Wild Animal Park


        Last month I ran a trilogy of blog posts that featured photos I took at San Diego’s Wild Animal Park. I had some great pics of the butterfly jungle, birds, and the Animals of Africa exhibit. This post will feature a random assortment of photos that, for one reason or another I didn’t like. Mostly the problem was composition or the quality of the subject matter. At any rate, this post will contain those very photos that didn’t make it into the first round, yet I still wanted to give a chance to see the light of day. Yes, I know that on game day you don’t want to have to sit through the JV squad getting their mandatory play time, but even sporting policy will have to answer to me sooner or later.

Egret at Wild Animal Park

Egret With Mating Plumage

See through dress at wild animal park

Uh… No.

Lorikeet Feeding at Wild Animal Park

Feeding The Lorikeets

Blackbird at Wild Animal Park

Somethimes Feathers Get Ruffled

Gorilla at Wild Animal Park


Giraffes at Wild Animal Park

Bring On The Giraffes

Lion at Wild Animal Park

The King Of The Jungle, Or So She Thinks


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2 Responses to “San Diego Zoo Safari Park Cutting Room Floor”

  1. Paul Moeller on June 3rd, 2010 1:55 am

    I spent a day at the WIld Animal park last week, and, inspired by your work, decided to bring my camera. Taking photos added to the joy of the experience. What an amazingly spiritual place it is… filled with so many wonderful sights & sounds.

  2. Rob on June 6th, 2010 9:07 am


    Yes, the Wild Animal Park is an amazing place… Far superior to any regular zoo I have ever been to.

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