San Diego From The Bay To East County

May 20, 2010 by  

Entrance To The Gaslamp District In San Diego

Welcome To San Diego

        Today I took a trip from East County San Diego to downtown San Diego and back again, and since I lived to tell the tale, I have a few photographs to share. I had hoped to get some more photos showing the progress of building the Bridge To Nowhere, but there was just nothing interesting about it today. So, I wandered around the San Diego Convention Center and the western fringes of The Gaslamp District as a result. The photo above will be taken again, by me at night in the very near future, and it will be awesome.

A Man Eats On A Boat In San Diego

One Man Eats While Another Steers The Boat

        After walking past the very heart of downtown San Diego, I crossed Harbor Dr. and took a look across the San Diego Bay. The dynamic duo you see above caught my eye. The man eating looks irritated, while the other man has the rudder between his legs.

San Diego Convention Center Art

San Diego Convention Center Art

        After crossing Harbor Dr., and looking out on San Diego Bay, I had to walk back through the San Diego Convention Center, and that is when I snapped the photo above. At the time, and even in post, the buildings on the sides added a frame that I believe make the photo better. What I did not see at the time was the person on the balcony of the right hand building.

Homeless Man In San Diego

La Mesa Trolley Station

        As I debarked the Orange Line trolley, on the final leg of my journey back home, I saw this man, asleep on the grass next to the station. Above, you see the photo as it was framed in my camera. Below, is the same photo, cropped in the way I thought most powerful. What do you think? Which presentation best shows what this man is all about?

Homeless Man In San Diego

La Mesa Trolley Station Redux

        The photo above is a crop from the wider shot above it. Is the power of the photo in the detail of the environment or the detail of the subject?


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