Soap Box Derby In La Mesa, Part II

November 14, 2010 by  

Soap box cars at La Mesa Kiwanis race.

La Mesa CA Soap Box Race Cars

        I found a few more photos from the La Mesa Kiwanis sponsored soap box derby I attended last weekend. If you would like to see my first post about the derby, with more photos and commentary, click here.

La Mesa Kiwanis Soap box Racer

The First Racer Of The Day

        Kiwanis really does a lot to help bring joy into the lives of kids by making things like a soap box derby race possible. My dad was in Kiwanis when I was growing up so I have fond memories of my family and I enjoying things like spaghetti dinners, Christmas parties where the kids would all get presents and even getting to march in a parade or two, all thanks to Kiwanis.

La Mesa Kiwanis Soap box Racer Steering And Brakes

The Nuts And Bolts Of A Soap box Racer

        Pulleys and cables are the mechanical method for steering and applying the brakes. The brake is a rubber tipped pole that is pressed down onto the road, very similar to how the Flintstones stop their cars.

La Mesa Kiwanis Soap box Racer

Soap Box Car Racing Down The Hill

        According to the La Mesa Kiwanis website, there will be another soap box derby in March of 2011 at the same location as this one, in front of La Mesa middle school so come on down and support the kids by cheering them on and purchasing Kiwanis provided hamburgers, hot dogs and sodas.

Kiwanis Club La Mesa California November 2010 Soap box Derby


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2 Responses to “Soap Box Derby In La Mesa, Part II”

  1. KC Callaway on January 23rd, 2011 9:43 am

    Man, your photos are inspired! I logged on to check out your Daphne Hill show post, (which was grrreat – thanks!) but these soapbox derby pix are magnificent! I feel the steely determination and courage of the young "pilots"! Fanx again, you never fail to amaze with your vision!

  2. Rob Hurlbut on January 26th, 2011 11:08 am

    Thank you for those kind words! You are right about these kids being only about a half step away from being a pilot.

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