Antiques Roadshow In San Diego

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Antiques Roadshow In San Diego, June 12, 2010

My Souvenirs From Antiques Roadshow

        Today, I was lucky enough to attend a taping of Antiques Roadshow at the San Diego Convention Center. This was a very odd event for me because the experience was exactly what I thought it would be AND a few things that I thought it WOULDN’T be. All of those OTHER things, the things I wasn’t expecting are what made going to the show a very fun and worthwhile experience.

Antiques Roadshow In San Diego, June 12, 2010

People Waiting In Line With Treasures To Be Appraised At Antiques Roadshow

        The people that converged on the convention center, with all manner of treasure, heirlooms and trash are what made made attending Antiques Roadshow such an amazing ordeal. I was naive enough to think that people who entered the lottery for a ticket to the show would just be people trying their luck at a chance to be on TV. Nope. Not at all. Every person there, every person I talked to and every person I listened to were there because they love the show and care deeply about the history and value of the items they brought.

Antiques Roadshow In San Diego, June 12, 2010

The Line Keeps Moving

        In a weird sort of way, standing in the lines at Antiques Roadshow was like being at a dog park. A dog park is not a collection of people with random dogs interacting for arbitrary reasons. A dog park is a place where members of a family take other family members to play, bond, talk and laugh. It is a place to have fun. People at the dog park like to talk about their dogs, and people at Antiques Roadshow like to talk about their antiques.

Antiques Roadshow In San Diego, June 12, 2010

Antiques Roadshow Volunteer Guides The Crowd

        For those of you that will be fortunate enough to attend a taping of an Antiques Roadshow episode, here is a rundown of what you can expect: You will arrive at the place where the episode is being filmed, and you will wait in at least three lines. The first line is a staging area, that one could call a “practice” line. This first line is the line to enter the area of the event that us fans will recognize from TV. This line is also the place where you will start talking to the wonderful people all around you, and soak in the the stories of how they came to posses the antiques they brought for appraisal. For me, this first line lasted a little over an hour. The 3 photos of the people above were all taken in this first line.

Antiques Roadshow In San Diego, June 12, 2010

Photography Is Prohibited

        The end of the first line is marked by the sign above. What that means for you, the reader is that I have no photographs of the next TWO AND A HALF HOURS spent in the next line. Once you pass the sign above, you are in the inner sanctum of Antiques Roadshow. If you were to look at the layout of this inner sanctum from above, it looks like the wheel of a bicycle. The area that we see on TV is the center hub, and the spokes are the many lines for all of the various categories of antiques. Some of the lines are so long that they begin to curve like the arms of a cosmic, antique spiral galaxy. Let me say right now that the line for PAINTINGS is the longest line at Antiques Roadshow. I spent a little over two hours in this line, but had some great conversations with everyone around me, and the gentleman in front of me had a painting that was worth $22,000 so I felt like I had been rubbing elbows with… A person that brought a more valuable item than me.
        After having an item appraised by Nan Chisholm, my partner and I fled for the exit door, because we were very, very hungry. This is my blog, so I can say and write whatever I want… Nan Chisholm was kind of a snooty bitch while appraising the painting my partner presented to her. The 100 year old painting she appraised in front of me was no bigger than a standard playing card, which caused her to have a “sucking on a lemon face” for the duration of the appraisal. I had the distinct feeling that had this appraisal taken place on her home turf, or some other consequence-free environment, she would have tossed the little painting on the floor and shouted, “NEXT!”

Antiques Roadshow In San Diego, June 12, 2010

Leigh Keno In San Diego While Taping Antiques Roadshow

        When it was all said and done, I headed through the exit and back around to the entrance to get a picture of the famous Antiques Roadshow arch that every visitor in every city must pass through to attend the show. Standing under the arch, amidst a throng of fans was Leigh Keno, one half of the Keno twins. Leigh Keno is on the left side of the above shot. There are two things I like about this photo. The first is that somehow, despite being surrounded by and talking to fans, Leigh looked at my camera just as I took the shot. The second thing is the guy on the right side of the photo. He looks like the happiest man alive, just because he’s in the presence of a PBS celebrity. Right on man, right on.
        Anyways, I walked away with my ticket autographed my Mark L Walberg, and very slight idea of what Comic-Con will be like next month. It was a good day, so good that I hope Antiques Roadshow comes to San Diego again next year.