Bright Green Water in Cherry Creek

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cherry creek bright green water wewatta bridge

Cherry Creek At Speer Bridge Over Wewatta

    Yesterday afternoon I was biking down the Cherry Creek bike path and I noticed that the water in the river was bright green. Something was coming out of the drain at the waterline the north side of the river. A few cyclists and pedestrians were stopped along the trail; some taking pictures and others wondering if what they were seeing was some chemical spill or some other intentional thing like someone was dumping industrial waste. To me it seemed like it was too bright to be intentional. It looked like anti-freeze but it just it would’ve been a massive amount and it was REALLY bright so it seemed like it was made to be seen. It turned out to be a test of the sewer system and the color was a harmless dye.

cherry creek bright green water

Bright Green Water In Cherry Creek

    For many years I have carried a camera around with me everywhere I go but recently I have been carrying my iPad mini around with me instead. As a professional photographer I like having my camera with me. I like having an object in my hang that was made to be a camera. In the same way that digital photography was unacceptable to me until 2003, cell phones and tablets with cameras were unacceptable to me until 2014. The thing is since photography went digital it’s really bummed me out that it’s taken away the darkroom portion of the process. In that regard I really enjoy the process that I have now with digital photography of taking the photo with the camera and then coming back to my studio where my desktop is, looking at the photos and processing and editing them and posting them. Since journalism now is all about who can break the story first that makes it difficult to reconcile with the way that I’m doing things. I don’t like that the best new stories are the first breaking news stories; it should be the ones that have the best content and the best photos.

bright green water cherry creek wewatta bridge

Cherry Creek From Wewatta Bridge

    This bright green water wasn’t really breaking news but it was something weird going on so it was at least local interest story so I had plans on doing a post, but not right away. If I had actually thought that whatever was in the water was a life-threatening thing that was going to cause a zombie apocalypse I would’ve called 911 instead of doing the post anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to doing my first%all iPad mini post for The World Is Raw. In the four months that I’ve been using this thing I’ve come to realize that I really need to include it as a tool for me and my photography and my blogging and using it to help present stuff to the world. I’m still carrying all my reporters notebooks and pens with me everywhere in addition to the iPad; I’m not yet to the point where I am just carrying the iPad around instead of all that stuff but I’m definitely using it more and more in order to take notes, take pictures and now even doing blog posts. This will be the first post on The World Is Raw that has photos that were taken with my iPad mini and the first draft of text for this entire post was voice recorded on the iPad, transcribed over into Word and then pasted into WordPress in order to publish this post. I’m still playing around with the process and figuring out the best and most clever way to do everything so it probably would’ve taken less time had I just typed the post out but if nothing else it’s really helped me see the potential of what I can do with this iPad and where I plan on taking this blog. Cheers!