Coronado Then and Now

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Coronado Village Theater Under Construction 2010

Coronado Village Theater – December 2010

    Three years ago I was on a bus that took me through Coronado and over the Coronado Bridge. I took a couple photos on that trip that are already turning into a neat little time capsule, even after such a short amount of time. First, while on Orange Avenue I passed by the old Coronado Village Theater and saw that it was being renovated. It used to be that whenever I would look at old photos showing what a skyline looked like 100 years ago or an iconic local landmark under construction I would think about how fortunate the photographer was to have been around such a long time ago to photograph history being made. I didn’t yet realize that history was happening all the time, all around me. Every photo I take will one day be old and all the intentional compositions and accidental objects in the background of all those photos will show just how lucky I was to be there at that particular time. A little research told me the theater would open in six months so I returned to take photos of that event, one of which is the last photo in this post.

Carnival Splendor Cruise Ship And Coronado Bridge

Carnival Cruise Ship “Splendor” Under Coronado Bridge

    The bus wound through Coronado and came to cross the Coronado Bridge. On the way over, I had a great view of B Street Pier and the Carnival Splendor cruise ship as it sat disabled due to an engine room fire. Cruise ships do not normally dock here so it was very huge and conspicuous.

Coronado Village Theater June 2011

Coronado Village Theater – June 2011

    The photo above was taken six months later, in June 2011. I included it here so you can see what a difference six months makes. Three years have passed since I took these photos; where does the time go? Below is the video I shot during the grand opening of the theater. Cheers, my old friends!

Coronado Village Theater Needs Help

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Inside Coronado Village Theater

    I think that Coronado Village Theater may need some help in the form of butts in the building. Today, I caught the matinee showing of The Dark Knight Rises and I just about had the theater to myself. Granted, it was a beautiful Thursday afternoon and no one in their right mind should be indoors on a day like today, but I really want this theater to succeed; it’s a beautiful art deco theater full of character that mega-mall multiplexes are utterly lacking.

    In June of last year I attended the grand re-opening of the theater, which was a very exciting event, but I fear some of that excitement has left the building. So, I’m posting this to remind the residents of San Diego and Coronado in particular that you have the state’s best theater right in your own backyard and as you all witnessed 11 years ago, if you don’t use it you are going to lose it. Below is the video I put together last year from opening night. Please watch it and then take the time to head to Coronado for a movie night. Help the theater succeed! Cheers!

Coastal Wetlands Restoration In South Bay San Diego

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Funnel Weaver Spider Hololena sp. Araneae: Agelenidae

Funnel Weaver Spider Hololena sp. Araneae: Agelenidae

    As I rode my bike along Bayshore Bikeway, examining the progress of the coastal restoration in the nature preserve that lies along the southern edge of Silver Strand between Imperial Beach and Coronado, I happened across the web of what I believe is a funnel weaver spider (Hololena sp. Araneae: Agelenidae).  It was seated in a small hole in the side of a berm, its web spun out horizontally, waiting for lunch to be served.  I don’t have a problem with spiders; I just don’t like to be near them.  I also don’t have a macro lens; I just have a telephoto.  Convenient for me isn’t it?

Coastal Restoration & Dredging Begins

    There has been coastal restoration in the form of dredging going on for 5 months and just the other day the levees that separated San Diego Bay proper from the South Bay Biological Study Area were breached by the restoration team.  This means if you walk or ride along Bayshore Bikeway at the north end of 7th St. in Imperial Beach, all the water in the nature preserve will ebb and flow with the tides from fresh Pacific Ocean water!  I think it will probably turn the intersection of Imperial Beach and Silver Strand into a bird watching Mecca.

Funnel Weaver Spider Hololena sp. Araneae: Agelenidae

Spider Waiting For Lunch

    It was a bright, cloudless day but the arachnid was in a shaded burrow so I used the on-camera flash to light the spider up.  I had no idea that a spider’s eyes reflect light like cat eyes do but, they do.  All other members of a coastal wetland sanctuary food chain benefit from being in the sanctuary, not just the birds and not just the wetlands.

Funnel Weaver Spider Hololena sp. Araneae: Agelenidae

Funnel Weaver Spider

    That’s why, in a post where I’m talking about ocean water and birds there are spider pictures; they’re all connected and it was while walking around the preserve I found this spider, which lead to the train of thought that lead to the theme and tone of this post.  Deep isn’t it?

Sunrise Imperial Beach Bayshore Bikeway San Diego High Tide

Mouseover To See High & Low Tide before Restoration

    Move your mouse over the photo above to see the difference between high & low tide in the preserve before the restoration began.  If you want to see the amazing work that’s been done in the 5 months since the photos above were taken, you’ll just have to get on your bike, ride Bayshore Bikeway towards Imperial Beach and see for yourself. That blue stripe in the background is the Coronado Bridge which you can bike to using the trail.  Along the way you’ll pass the nature preserve, Silver Strand State Beach and Hotel Del Coronado.  See? If you are a lover of nature, biking, skating, running, the beach, hotels, Coronado or Imperial Beach, this outing has something for you.  Don’t forget to bring your camera so you can include photos when you blog about your fun time.  Cheers!

Bayshore Bikeway Scenery

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Least Tern Nesting Area In Coronado

        As you may agree as you scroll through this post, I think it’s one of the more erratic and disorganized collection of photographs I’ve presented. Believe it or not there is a method to this madness and a common trait all the photos in this post share: They were all taken on the same day while riding my bike from Chula Vista to Coronado on Bayshore Bikeway.


Marbled Godwits & Tern

        Since I’m not really a bird person, trying to figure out what species of bird I’m photographing can be quite the challenge at times, even with internet search engines.


White Egret In San Diego Bay

        The white egret you see above was hunting for fish at the extreme southwestern edge of San Diego Bay. As near as I can tell, the fish he likes to eat hang out in the mud at the bottom of the bay. The egrets use their feet to shuffle and shake fish from the mud and gobble them up.


A Wedding About To Begin In Coronado

        The photo above was made just as I departed Bayshore Bikeway, heading to Burger Lounge in Coronado. In a tradition that goes way back, a father walks his daughter down the aisle to get married, two or three years prior to her first divorce.


Little Girl On Silver Strand Beach State Park

        Of course, just because the majority of marriages end in divorce is no reason not to bring a kid into the world. The most in-charge and powerful position most Americans will hold is that of parent. So what if your boss is dumber than you or you didn’t get all the respect you wanted from the person that sold you your cappuccino this morning? As soon as you get home, it’s YOUR house and YOUR rules, which is the mantra of middle class parents. We all know you didn’t go to college, have no savings or retirement plans, are pissed off about not getting that big promotion at work and wish you would have learned to play the guitar because if you had, listening to your kid complain about whatever kids complain about wouldn’t suck like it does. But you didn’t. You’re just getting by & life didn’t turn out the way you want so you have kids & now you can lord over them with impunity, just like the rest of the world is doing to you.


Street Art On The Ground Of Bayshore Bikeway

        For me, the difference between street art and graffiti has everything to do with location and subject matter. Using a spray can to scribble on the side of a building in the dead of night to declare what south of the border, shithole village you’re from or what shithole neighborhood you live in now, is graffiti. Using your imagination to create something unique & original that people will stop to look at, talk about or take photos of is street art, like what you see above.


Yellow Flowers Adorn Bayshore Bikeway

        Right now, San Diego is in the midst of our annual yellow flower invasion. Through most of April, on just about every square inch of non-landscaped earth you will see yellow flowers.


old woman on Bayshore Bikeway

        The photo on the left is a somewhat hidden memorial for a person named, Donnie. This memorial is against the fence that separates South Bay Salt Works from Bayshore Bikeway. It lies just about due south of the salt works, down the north slope of the path. That’s as specific as I’m going to get, that way you’ll have to work for it a little bit if you’d like to see it in person. Above is an old lady that just happened to be cruising past me. So that’s it! This concludes my post of random things I saw while riding my bike through Coronado, Imperial Beach and Chula Vista on Bayshore Bikeway. If you have not yet explored this path, I hope the photos in the post will encourage you to do so. Below is a video that goes along with the photos in this post, as well as some video of birds and the hidden memorial. Cheers!

San Diego High Tide

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Sunrise Imperial Beach Bayshore Bikeway San Diego High Tide

Mouseover Image To See High & Low Tide Difference

        A couple weeks ago I read an article in IB Patch that said San Diego would have a “king tide.” The tide definitely came in! Mouseover either of the photos in this post to see the HUGE difference the tide makes in shaping our landscape.

High Tide Sunrise In San Diego Bay

Low Tide In South San Diego Bay

        The low tide pics were taken about a month ago while the high tide pics were taken in the last couple days. For all four photos the vantage point is the southern edge of San Diego Bay, looking north while standing on the Bayshore Bikeway.

Miniature Coronado Dinosaur Cage

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Dinosaur Cage

Foreground: All that remains of the I.B Limited Miniature Railroad. Background: Dinosaur Cage.

The Navy’s 800 foot diameter dinosaur cage on the southern tip of Coronado Bay has contained some of the more vicious breeds of dinosaurs ever created through genetic engineering.  From 1964-1999, the USN denied the very existence of the cage and it’s contents, despite being located in plain view of the busiest beach in all of California.

In the late 1980’s an author named Michael Crichton was marooned on Coronado during a bridge closure and while exploring the Silver Strand in that interim, came upon the cage, and was inspired to write a novel that would ultimately force the United States Government to admit the existence of the cage, and the poor location they selected to place it.

You see, after having George Lucas read “Jurassic Park” to him as a bedtime story, Steven Spielberg decided to make a movie about dinosaurs…  REAL dinosaurs.  Spielberg and crew managed to steal a few dinosaurs from the cage, film them for Jurassic Park and expose the truth to the world.  Forced with seeing dinosaurs on the big screen that looked exactly like dinosaurs living in the cage the Navy claimed didn’t exist was just too much evidence.  In 1999 the Navy admitted the cage was there, executed the dinosaurs and abandoned the site.

Becoming smaller & smaller in our minds ever since, the site was then used as the location for a beach side miniature railroad, but was destroyed in 2003 by miniature plane enthusiasts during The Centennial of Flight Celebration Riots.