The Joy Of Having Prints Scanned

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Elizabeth Loren At The Denver Art Museum 1996

Mirrored Exhibit At The Denver Art Museum – 1996

        Even though it can be hard to remember what things were like when my world did not yet include Photoshop or digital cameras, it is much easier to do if you have photos from those pre-digital days to jog your memory. Unfortunately, the cycle that most photos go through has them being passed around for a few days or weeks after they are developed, and then placed in a box or an album where they became forgotten and might never be looked at again.
        The other day I selected about 100 pre-digital prints from a box of my photos that hasn’t seen the light of day for years. It has been a steady walk down memory lane ever since, as well as me foaming at the mouth in anticipation of being able to work on them in Photoshop and them share them with the world. The best thing about this is that it breaks the cycle of a photo ending it’s life in a box or in an album in a basement. The photos are going to live forever now because I had them scanned AND I have a whole new library of memories and images that I can blog about, and I can’t wait to do it! My blog will now span between film and digital. I have created a new tag and category for the blog as well, “Film Photography” that will feature photos I took with any number of film cameras and have subsequently (and very recently) had scanned. The time span will be from around 1989 through 2003, so my earliest photography, photos I took more than 20 years ago will be shared on a modern day blog and seen by the world. It is very hard to describe how excited this makes me!

Test And Tune Night At Bandimere Speedway

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1998 Suzuki GSXR750 At Bandimere Speedway

1998 Suzuki GSXR750 About To Smoke A Ford Mustang c.2003

        I recently had some film photos of mine scanned and digitized, so I’ m about to have a lot of fun playing with photos that were taken before digital cameras and ESPECIALLY before I knew what Photoshop was. The camera I used back then was a Pentax ZX-M.
        Bandimere Speedway used to be open to the public on Wednesday nights. For $20 you could race your car 3 times down an official NHRA 1/4 mile racetrack. On this particular night, back in 2003 my friend, Tim was racing a GSXR750, which ended up pulling a 13 second quarter mile.