Denver Burger Battle 2014

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Williams And Graham At Denver Burger Battle

A Booth At Denver Burger Battle

    If ever there was an event tailored made for me, Denver Burger Battle has to be it; 12 local burger joints slugging it out in a competition of hamburgers in the middle of Sculpture Park in Downtown. It was a great time and I have a winner and two runners up that I’ll get to but before I do I want to tell you about my experience at the battle because it was a lot of fun and very well run.

Old Major Pork Burger At Denver Burger Battle

Making Burgers

    Upon entry my badge was scanned and then I was issued a sturdy, red plastic plate with compartments, including a drink holder. Besides the burger booths there were desert stands, bars that poured wine and beer and ice filled tubs with cans of soda and bottles of water. You just walked up and took what you needed.

Cornhole At Denver Burger Battle

Corn Toss In Sculpture Park

    There was a corn toss, a couple caricature artists, tables that had paper towels and lots of trash cans. It was just a fun atmosphere and I was eating hamburgers so after taking it all in, it was time to get down to business and do my personal battle with these burgers.

Night at Denver Burger Battle

Night And Lights At Denver Burger Battle

    I don’t like onions and almost every entry had onions so that was a bit of a problem. They are the one thing I can’t just scrape off because they contaminate what they touch and sometimes they’re so integral to the burger recipe that they contaminate it beyond where I can eat it. Other than that, I was game to try any new or progressive style of burger by biting right in, as served. They were all good and there were only a few that I straight out didn’t try because of the onion thing and one other one that was based on mushrooms. I don’t do mushrooms either. Or tomatoes.

Denver Burger Battle Sculpture Park Dancers

Dancers In Sculpture Park

    My second runner up is Ste. Ellie and their Ste. Ellie Burger which had fennel jam and amazing, crisp pickles. First runner up is Acorn and their Oak Grilled Double Cheeseburger with fried pickles and aioli. That little bit of garlic flavor was nice and the fried pickles were a brilliant idea. This is a classic recipe made with modern ingredients. If the cheeseburger had been invented today, it would look and taste like this one.

Denver Burger Battle And The Band

The Band At Denver Burger Battle

    The winner of Rob’s Choice at the Denver Burger Battle for 2014 is Tag and their Colorado Proud. This was unexpected because I would never have just tried a burger with green chili on it. Spicy is something that I do not associate with burgers but it worked for me, probably because it was different. On a side note, Little Man Ice Cream was there and I had some lemon sorbet on a cone that was perfect for the occasion. Cheers!

You Should Eat At House Burger

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Front Counter , Grill and House Burger Menu

    House Burger is a new burger joint in South Bay San Diego that you should try because burger lovers need to support new ventures like this. Their address is 1873 Palm Ave. San Diego, CA 92154, on the southwest corner of Saturn Blvd and Palm. They have all the other types of burgers; chicken, steak, fish & turkey, with or without all of your normal toppings and a thousand island style house dressing. Any single patty meal is menu priced at $4.49 or less so even after tax it’s under $5. The burgers and fries are made when you order, so you will have a solid 5 minute wait. Oh, they have milkshakes too!


Inside House Burger

    So how’s the food? It’s good. The buns are custom and fresh, the meat is not frozen and you can basically build your burger, complete with toppings when you order. The cheese I go with is cheddar and it’s hearty. The fries are seasoned with a special house seasoning that does not include salt or pepper and the toasted buns while tasty, are too big for the burgers. All good stuff on the tray at half the price of any other gourmet burger place but the diameter of the burger needs to go up or the bun needs to shrink, as you can see in the photo above.

    This is of course a first world problem so for $5 you should try it out and judge for yourself because it’s still a smoking deal that has onion rings, potato, pasta and macaroni salad as options to fries and an entire cooler of sodas, coffee drinks and other bottled beverages to wash it down with. Head down there because you are hungry and your family loves burgers. Cheers!

Taco Bell vs. Lawry’s Seasoning

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Taco Bell And Lawry's Seasoning

Make Your Own Taco Night

        I am not a foodie, but I do like to make homemade versions of my favorite fast food menu items… Much healthier and better tasting versions. I like Taco Bell, and they have a seasoning mix available, so I bought a pound of premium ground beef, a fresh head of lettuce and some grated, sharp cheddar cheese. The point of this post is to say that both the Lawry’s and the Taco seasoning packs above require the same ingredients to make, but the Taco Bell seasoning is WAY better. If you like Taco Bell already, this is really for you because it has the distinct flavor of a Taco Bell taco, but because the ingredients are better and fresher, it tastes like the best Taco Bell taco ever made. As for the Lawry’s, it was way under seasoned, and tasted like it needed salt. Yeah, go with the Taco Bell seasoning, brown the beef on a Foreman Grill and prepare some surprisingly awesome tasting tacos!