SlutWalk San Diego 2011

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SlutWalk San Diego 2011

SlutWalk San Diego 2011

        The San Diego satellite of SlutWalk marched through the streets of downtown yesterday in a very colorful and vocal display, informing the world that victims of sexual assault should never be blamed and are never at fault, without exception. In late January of this year, a Toronto police officer stated that women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized. There is enough stupidity in that statement to make it stand up on its own, but just below the surface, it also says something else: Why do we ask about HOW and WHY a person becomes a victim of sexual assault, rather than asking why a person becomes a perpetrator of sexual assault? That question was explored during speeches and chants at SlutWalk San Diego.

SlutWalk Rally San Diego Civic Center Plaza 2011

SlutWalk Rally At San Diego Civic Center Plaza

        Slutwalk San Diego brought light to an area that is usually cloaked in darkness and ignorance. If a woman dresses in a sexually suggestive way, it doesn’t mean she’s suggesting she wants to have sex. I remember my parents teaching me not to judge a book by its cover. I wasn’t old enough to read when I learned that but I was still old enough to understand that this was a metaphor for people: You can’t know what someone wants just by looking at them. It’s impossible. You have to talk, ask questions, listen to answers and interact with someone in order to find out what they will and will NOT allow you to do to their body. It doesn’t matter what a person wears, how they dance, what they drink or what they did last night… A person must look you in the eye and say the word, “Yes.”

SlutWalk San Diego 2011

These Sluts Are Made For Walking

        A group of 5 women founded SlutWalk, after hearing about what that Toronto policeman said, and decided they’d had enough. It was time to put a face to the voice that claimed victims of sexual assault invited it or even WANTED it to happen. It was time to let the world know it’s not OK to blame clothing and sexuality for sexual assaults. What they came up with is brilliant because it highlights the hypocrisy of the, “She dressed like a slut so she invited it” mentality. These 5 women realized that a group of slutty looking women, walking en masse through a city center would NEVER be blamed if a mass rape ensued. Hmm… A sexy woman alone invites assault but a GROUP of sexy women get a police escort in order to PREVENT assault. Do you get it now? Why would a group of sluts, walking down the street need police protection, unless the police thought the women were inviting trouble? SlutWalk San Diego, as it proceeded through downtown vocalized this question to the people over and over.

SlutWalk San Diego 2011

Slut Power In San Diego

SlutWalk San Diego 2011

SlutWalk San Diego 2011

SlutWalk San Diego 2011

Leaving Civic Center Plaza

SlutWalk San Diego 2011

Slutwalk San Diego Marches On Broadway

SlutWalk San Diego 2011

SlutWalk San Diego 2011 Rally At Civic Center Plaza

        So, what did I take away from Slutwalk San Diego? People just won’t take shit anymore. Law enforcement and government are being made to account for not only what they do, but what they say as well, and people will organize to call them out and to make change. I think I knew that before I arrived, but had never seen it performed so passionately before. If you would like to get involved, there is a list of SlutWalk satellite cities and rally dates on their website.

Technomania Circus Blacklight Theater

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Technomania Circus Blacklight Show Golfing

Golfing Under Blacklight

        Technomania Circus held a blacklight theater at their usual in Barrio Logan venue, The Center for Performing Arts last night and I was there, right in the front row, which I think are the best seats in the house. For those of you that don’t know, San Diego has a regularly performing circus troupe that happen to be an amazing group of people we all know as Technomania Circus. Dr. Techno is the lead Technomaniac as well as the man that keeps the bacon sizzling. Yes, bacon was served during the show, cotton candy was available and there is a fine art gallery in the foyer of the bathroom. Awesome!

Technomania Circus Art Gallery

Technomania Circus Art Gallery

        This month’s theme was, “Blaaack Liiiight,” always spoken in a deep, menacing voice. Blacklight theater is a lot of fun because it’s like a real life special effect; you don’t get to see everything and that’s what makes it special. The show started at 8pm but thanks to our perfect San Diego weather and long summer days it wasn’t dark yet so we were treated to some music, comedy, juggling and balancing as the sun slowly drifted away.

Technomania Circus

Balancing On Ladders

        This summer will make it two years that I’ve been going to shows at Technomania Circus. It was way back in July of 2009 that I first went to, photographed and wrote about their show and I haven’t looked back since. The address of the circus is 2438 Commercial St. San Diego, CA 92102, right next to the 25th & Commercial St. trolley station. You are certainly welcome to bring food, drinks and cameras into the show and the venue is in an area heavy with taco shops and corner stores so you can get everything you need for the show when you arrive.

Willy Bologna At Technomania Circus

Willy Bologna About To Play The Harp

Technomania Circus Blacklight Show

Technomania Circus Center For Amusing Arts

        Once we got past twilight it was time for, “Blaaack Liiiight!” This is what we’d all been waiting for and it did not disappoint. They took us all over the place, as you’ll see in the photos and in the video at the bottom of the post. For you photographers out there, the sharp photos were taken at 1/45th, f/3.5, ISO 3200 while the photos that show a lot of motion blur were exposed for 1 second, f/3.5, ISO 800. Ya done good Technomaniacs, ya done real good. See you next time.

Technomania Circus Blacklight Skeletons

Technomania Circus Blacklight Skeletons

Technomania Circus Blacklight Show Dr. Techno Robofriend

Technomania Circus Blacklight Show Dr. Techno Robofriend

Technomania Circus Blacklight

1 Second Of Time At Technomania Circus

Technomania Circus Blacklight

A Blacklight Creature

Technomania Circus Blacklight Show

Pleasing The Blacklight Gods

Technomania Circus Blacklight Theater

DUI Checkpoint In Imperial Beach

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DUI Sobriety Checkpoint In Imperial Beach

San Diego Sheriff At DUI Checkpoint In Imperial Beach

        In the continuing effort to keep the streets of Imperial Beach safe and free of drunk drivers, the San Diego Sheriff had a sobriety checkpoint set up at 7th St & Palm Ave last night. I suppose you can say that Memorial Day weekend officially kicks of Friday night, so this checkpoint was well timed and positioned to remind motorists not to get behind the wheel of a car if you’ve been drinking. Try to remember that these peace officers operate these checkpoints not only to nail intoxicated drivers, but to nail people driving without or under a suspended license. Think of it as a way of keeping honest people honest. If you don’t drink & drive and your license is valid then you have nothing to worry about.

Imperial Beach Sobriety DUI Checkpoint

Vehicle Passes Through IB Sobriety Checkpoint

        According to the news release posted on the San Diego Sheriff’s website, 692 vehicles went through the checkpoint, 35 vehicles were sent through secondary screening, 11 field sobriety tests were given, 7 vehicles were impounded and 4 people were arrested for DUI. The checkpoint began actual operation at 8:15pm, not at 7:30pm as stated in the press release.

Memorial Weekend Sobriety Checkpoint In Imperial Beach

Sobriety (DUI) Checkpoint On Palm Ave In Imperial Beach

        The checkpoint seemed to be a well oiled machine and all the law enforcement personnel were in a good mood. The methodology for the checkpoint was very similar to the way rides at amusement parks are loaded up. Cars were waved forward, twelve at a time to a waiting line of twelve officers, so all cars in the line get checked for compliance simultaneously. Once all the officers were done, the cars get waved through and another twelve cars took their place. Since the checkpoint was stationed on Palm Ave. between the stoplights at 9th St. and 13th St. the flow of traffic was very well regulated and caused delays no worse than having to endure an extra stoplight. Kudos to the San Diego Sheriff!

Technomania Circus 420 Show

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technomania circus 420 show jon smokes a joint

Let’s Get Things Fired Up!

        Weed is all around us. When the government forced the entire marijuana operation underground some 74 years ago it was bound to surface again somewhere, and that somewhere turned out to be California. Before, during and most likely after the legalization issue has been decided there will continue to be all manner of movies, songs, websites, books and manuals dedicated to Mary Jane. On Saturday, Technomania Circus did the world the favor of adding to that list of media by writing and presenting an entire live theater performance enthusiastically devoted to the sweet, sweet chiba. Dr. Techno and his venue, The Center for Amusing Arts played host to a show that was timed and humored perfectly while tackling some very important issues that have developed out of the war on drugs… I’m assuming that’s what they did. I really don’t remember because, uh… It was the 420 Show!

technomania circus 420 show jon and anton

technomania circus 420 show jon and unknown

        Technomania Circus is a unique venue because the theater has stadium and bleacher seating underneath a giant circus-tent shaped tarp which sits in front of a large stage, all of which is contained within the backyard of: 2438 Commercial St. San Diego, CA 92102. Don’t be scared when you realize that this is a private residence in Barrio Logan or that you’ve never been to that part of town before. Just follow your MapQuest directions and park on the street, your car will be fine. If you ride public transportation then you are really in luck because the venue is just a few paces away from the 25th & Imperial San Diego orange line trolley station. It’s one of the easiest places in the city to get to on the trolley so make no excuses! You always get to see Jon jump around a little, at the very least. Have a look at my collection of posts and photos from past Technomania Circus shows for a much better idea of what I am trying to say.



        Katie Rabbit (on the left) was back after a multi-show absence as an Easter bunny with eggs that held munchies and a shirt that held Twinkies. Jon and Anton (above) amazed the Technomania Circus audience with balancing, comedy, jumping and the unbelievable feat of juggling seven pins! It’s dark in there so the photo is grainy but you can clearly see all seven pins. Awesome!


Joint Rolling Contest

        There are portions of every Technomania Circus show that are interactive. This is very much a situation where the more we as audience members cheer, yell and clap the better the show will be. This is a very friendly and laid back theater. You are more than welcome to bring your own food, drinks or cameras and showing up in a costume will help you fit right in. Above we have four audience members challenging the self proclaimed joint rolling king, Jon (center) to a roll off. The dude on the left won, rolling around 6 joints in the allotted time.



        I don’t know what I can use that exists in the current day to compare with Technomania Circus. They are like a group of Steampunk people that know all about electricity. They are performers that always have something new to show you and something funny to say. They are a circus that lives right here in San Diego, thanks to them the circus is always in town. So, take a look at the Technomania Circus website for their next show date and title, make yourself a sandwich, grab something cold to drink and head on down to the show, for crying out loud!


Anton Balancing A Six Foot Bong On His Face

        This was not just a show about weed; it was a show for weed. In the same way watching an imitation of someone causes you to notice mannerisms or ways of speech you might have missed before, this show drew attention to some of the stupid, yet accepted things we put up with whilst enforcing the Federal ban on marijuana. Couple this with the fact that reefer is used to combat the side effects of federally regulated pharmaceutical drugs that are only taken because of the reefer ban and you have the makings of some ripe satire, and Technomania Circus dug right into it. With any luck at all, one day people will look back at this performance and wonder why it was considered satire, and I hope I’m around to see that day. Cheers!

Dredging Imperial Beach South Bay Biological Study Area

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Dredging The Southern Edge Of San Diego Bay

        There’s been an odd looking dredging machine out in South Bay Biological Study Area for the last few weeks. An odd looking machine with a weird way of dragging and anchoring itself along the shallow water with four metal stilts. They don’t seem to be removing anything, just dredging and pumping it out through a hose on the back of the vessel.



Checking the Bottom After Dredging

        The workers above were criss-crossing behind the dredging machine in their small boat. The boat seemed to be outfitted with a laptop and some type of sonar.

Technomania Circus Absurd & Ridiculous Show

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Technomania Circus Absurd And Ridiculous Show

That’s Ridiculous!

        There was so much going on at the most recent Technomania Circus show last Saturday night you could say it was absurd… And ridiculous! There was mind reading, children playing with fire, music, juggling and A LOT of laughing. So, enjoy these photos from the evening of Technomania Circus’s Absurd & Ridiculous Show!

Technomania Circus Absurd And Ridiculous Show

Technomania Circus Absurd And Ridiculous Show

Technomania Circus Absurd And Ridiculous Show

        Dr. Techno (above) read the mind of an audience member, Sky Frank twirled fire and Anton juggled bowling pins as part of the pre-show warm up.

Technomania Circus Absurd And Ridiculous Show

Technomania Circus Absurd And Ridiculous Show

        Valerie Power once again entertained us with her singing saw while Paul and Mary Moeller sang and danced a song that I would guess has a title that is something along the lines of, “Poisoning The Pigeons In The Park.” Attending a Technomania Circus show is a rite of passage for live theater goers and it’s right here in San Diego, right next to the 25th & Imperial orange line trolley stop. Don’t be scared to come to a show or to take the trolley and if you drive there is plenty of on street parking.

Blacklight At Technomania Circus Absurd And Ridiculous Show

Blacklight Theater At Technomania Circus

Technomania Circus Absurd And Ridiculous Show

Technomania Circus Absurd And Ridiculous Show

Technomania Circus Absurd And Ridiculous Show

Sky With Fire

        Technomania Circus will be performing a western themed show in two weeks so those of you that would like to go for the first time won’t have long to wait. Until that time, you can wet your appetite by looking at some more photos from many previous shows by looking through my Technomania Circus tagged posts. Cheers Technomaniacs!

Plumber Welds Copper Pipe, Replaces Kitchen Sink, Tub & Shower Fixtures

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Plumber Solders Shower Fixture Bath Tub Spout

Plumber Solders Copper Pipe For New Bath Tub Spout

        I recently spent about 5 hours assisting a plumber replace my kitchen sink as well as the fixtures in the shower and bathtub. Both faucets were leaking, which is something that is just not tolerated out here in San Diego. We are nestled right between the best are in California and the largest desert in the country so we are very aware of what is going on with our water.

Plumber Under Sink Replaces Kitchen Faucet

The Kitchen Faucet Gets A Makeover

        Now my place is drip-free, sporting shiny new fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen. The video below shows the plumber soldering copper pipe for the new bath tub spout ans some other highlights of the experience. Cheers!

The Parable Of Seagulls Fighting

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Seagull Discovers Peanut Butter

Once Upon A Time A Seagull Found Some Peanut Butter In A Plastic Container

        The tale of this post happened right in front of me in Imperial Beach today. In a nutshell, there was a seagull that found a plastic peanut butter & crackers container and while trying to get at what was left of the peanut butter, attracted the attention of his fellow birds. A struggle ensued and the original owner ultimately lost his prize.

Seagulls Fighting Over Peanut Butter

Trouble Started For The Seagull Right Away

        I saw this episode as a metaphor for something. I’m not quite sure what to call it, but it’s one of those lessons or instances where the person (or bird) that gets what he wants ends up with more than he bargained for.

Seagulls Fighting Over Peanut Butter

Outnumbered And On The Defensive

        Basically, you have one bird that has something, so all the other birds want it now too. What none of the birds know is that whoever gets the prize will probably die. They are all fighting over something that will kill them, just because of the perceived value that ownership has given this certain something.

Seagulls Fighting Over Peanut Butter

And Now We See It Is Just A Parable

        It’s right about at this point, right about when the original owner of the highly sought after yet deadly prize looses the peanut butter that we can see this is a parable. Remember the Merrie Melodies cartoon “One Froggy Evening” where the construction worker finds a singing frog? That’s what happened right in front of me with these seagulls. I thought I was looking at the beginning, middle and end of a story but I wasn’t… I was looking at something much bigger.

Seagulls Fighting Over Peanut Butter

And The Story Repeats Itself

        What I saw as the end of my seagull story was merely the beginning of another, identical story for some one else, and so on and so on. Aside from the “don’t litter” undertones here, I think there is another lesson to be learned, a lesson that has to do with perception and point of view and things like that. I can’t quite put it into words, but I’m sure it’s there.

Cats On A Windowsill

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Cats On A Windowsill

Cats On A Windowsill

        These two cats were pointed out to me, sitting on the windowsill of a second story window. For some reason, there was a lamp pointed outside, illuminating them from behind which made for a great photo.

IB Pier And Imperial Beach Photography

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Photography Under Imperial Beach IB Pier

A Photographer Under Imperial Beach Pier

        I’m on a mission to make a photograph of the IB pier that just breaks all the rules and has a great wow factor. I don’t know what it will be or how I will pull this off exactly but I can tell you that it won’t be the pier quietly sitting along one of the rule of thirds lines with a colorful sunset in the background. Oh no, this will be something different.

Photography Under Imperial Beach IB Pier

Yoga On Imperial Beach

        A problem I have with writing about the beach here in the city of Imperial Beach is that it seems like I’ve overused the word “beach” by the time I’m done. I think I may have to make the decision right now that I will refer to Imperial Beach as IB so I can save the word beach for writing about the actual beach.

Surfing At Imperial Beach The Day The Sewage Spilled

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Imperial Beach Surfing Near Pier

Surfer Near The Imperial Beach Pier

        This morning, about ten o’clock I rode down to the beach. There were a lot of surfers and some HUGE waves coming in. I found out that about an hour after I left the beach was closed due to sewage contamination.

Imperial Beach Surfing Near Pier

Surfing, Right Before The Beach Was Closed

Imperial Beach Surfing Near Pier

Bailing Out

Imperial Beach Surfing Near Pier

Tubes At Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach Surfing Near Pier

Surfing A Big Wave In Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach Surfing Near Pier

Enjoying The End Of A Great Ride

        The surfer above didn’t fall off his board, he launched himself off after a good long ride. That is always a fun thing to watch because it’s kind of the surfer version of doing a burnout after a win.

Imperial Beach Surfing Near Pier

Surfing Right Next To Imperial Beach Pier

        What a bummer for everyone in these photos that just a little bit later, the life guards would be calling them all in to shore and delivering the bad news. There were a lot of surfers surfing very close to the pier, which seems a little risky to me but then again, I’m not a surfer.

Technomania Circus Space Pirates Dance Party

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Technomania Circus Space Pirates Dance Party

The Beginning Of A Space Pirates Dance Party

        The first show for 2011 at Technomania Circus was the Space Pirates Dance Party and I was there. It was one more show that had a little bit of everything from live music to jugglers to fire. Oh yes, there was some fire at this show!

Technomania Circus Space Pirates Dance Party

Jon & Anton Juggle Fire

Technomania Circus Space Pirates Dance Party

Technomania Circus Space Pirates Dance Party

Technomania Circus Space Pirates Dance Party

Dr. Techno & Valerie Power Behind The Shadow Puppet Show

Technomania Circus Space Pirates Dance Party

Technomania Circus Is Flexible

Technomania Circus Space Pirates Dance Party

What Is Missing From Our Fire Juggling Act?

Technomania Circus Space Pirates Dance Party


        In the photo above, it may look like Anton is taunting the children with fire while Jon is reassuring the parents. Yep, it might look like that but don’t worry, the children survived and we were all very entertained.

Technomania Circus Space Pirates Dance Party

Jon In The Crow’s Nest Blowing Fire Into Barrio Logan

        Even if you were not fortunate enough to attend this show don’t worry because there is a Technomania Circus show every month or so. I’ve been to several so be sure to have a look and my other posts, photos and videos of Technomania Circus. The Technomaniacs remain, without a doubt, one a the gems of San Diego. The video above shows Jon & Anton entertaining & juggling. Great job Technomaniacs!

Sunset At La Mesa Farmer’s Market

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Sunset At La Mesa Farmer's Market

The Sun Sets Behind The La Mesa Farmer’s Market

        Every Friday from 3-6pm La Mesa has a Farmer’s Market. During this time of year you get the benefits that go along with purchasing and eating fresh produce and being able to be at the Market when the sun goes down… Not a bad way to wrap up a week.

Urban Bird Of Prey

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Highway Bird Of Prey

        San Diego was a lot of wildlife sanctuaries in the South Bay area, so a lot of urban areas are right on the fringe of very wild places. Of course these wild things venture out, which is why this bird of prey is on a light post above I-5 in National City.

St. Mary Star Of The Sea Church

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St. Mary Star Of The Sea Church Oceanside, CA

Prayer At St. Mary Star Of The Sea Church

        As my brief visit to Oceanside was about to wrap up, I walked past a church that had it’s doors wide open, allowing the world to see the parishioners holding hands and praying. This was happening as I walked away from the conclusion of a preview night at the Oceanside Museum Of Art, featuring a trio of organic pieces by Benjamin Lavender. You see the three closest people? The guy on the left is holding someone’s hand and I’ll tell you what, that person has the worst seat in the house.

Benjamin Lavender At The Oceanside Museum Of Art

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Benjamin Lavender At Oceanside Museum Of Art

The Work Of Benjamin Lavender At The Oceanside Museum Of Art

        Last night I had the pleasure of taking a trip up to the Oceanside Museum Of Art for the preview reception of “Botanicals: The Photography Of Imogen Cunningham.” She was an early 20th century photographer that, according to the museum’s website, “…played a pivotal role in the acceptance of the medium (photography) as an art form and the growth of modernism.” I’m not sure how that sets her apart from any other photographer of her day, but the reception was still well attended. I would describe her photography at this show as a study in high school assignment still life. Imagine that every high school photography student in the country was given the assignment of photographing plants around their houses, in black & white at a distance of no more than 6 inches and then the best 50 photos were selected to be displayed. What you end up with is a great study of the form of vegetarian nature, but probably nothing that will move you.

Benjamin Lavender At Oceanside Museum Of Art

Benjamin Lavender

        Out in the foyer of the museum, where the reception was actually held was an organically themed sculpture display created by San Diego artist, Benjamin Lavender. Now this display is something new and different. The medium for all the sculptures are wine barrels… As in, slats of wood and iron hoops, distorted and mutated beyond all recognition.

Benjamin Lavender At Oceanside Museum Of Art

Benjamin Lavender At Oceanside Museum Of Art

        Ben is a working artist with what I would call a day job at Barrelly Made It, a San Diego company that creates amazingly unique chairs, tables, benches, ottomans and barstools from California wine barrels. The furniture they produce is unique, handmade and will probably be a driving force in a renaissance of mid-century/danish modern and Eames era style. I really do hope that Herman Miller has spent the last few years of his afterlife weeping because he never thought to use wine barrels to create his style. At any rate, you can see Benjamin Lavender’s art, right through the front windows of the Oceanside Museum Of Art until late May 2011.

Biking Home On Bayshore Bikeway

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Bayshore Bikeway Sunset

Just After Sunset On Bayshore Bikeway

        Now that I’m riding my bike to work along Bayshore Bikeway instead of public transportation, I’ve really started to explore Bayshore Bikeway and all the views it has to offer. The photo above was what greeted me when I began my 9 mile ride home from work yesterday. I am very excited to see what direction my new bike and commitment to fitness will take my photography.

Whistle Stop Bar In San Diego

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Whistle Stop Bar

The Eve Of New Year’s Eve – 2010

        This will be my final post for 2010 and I am making it right in the middle of a very chaotic time for me, so it will be brief and it will be remembered for me as the post I made while sitting in a bare apartment, on the cusp of 2011. Anyway, last night my cousins and I went to the Whistle Stop Bar in San Diego for a little spoken word entertainment put on by So Say We All.

Whistle Stop Bar

Whistle Stop Bar

The Spoken Word

        Venues like this are tough for a photographer for many reasons. The obvious ones are lighting, the crowds and lighting. Bars and live music venues all use the same lighting designer that lit the Bat Cave, so either bring some fast glass or be prepared to crank up your ISO. All four photos in this post were shot at 1/45th, 1600 ISO and f/4.5. The photo below was a random, spur of the moment shot that turned out to be a gem. This magnificent Christmas light display is across the street from Whistle Stop Bar, and is a great example of community involvement.

Across From The Whistle Stop Bar

The Last Photo Published By The World Is Raw For 2010

        There you have it my friends. This wraps up the second year of running, writing and photographing for this blog. You’ll see a post from me in the next few days, even though it won’t technically be till next year, next DECADE actually. Happy New Year from Rob at The World Is Raw!

Company Christmas Party

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Macaroni Grill

Christmas Party At Macaroni Grill

        At work, there is one thing employees tend to look forward to and that is the company Christmas party. Ours was at Macaroni Grill and I had chicken parmigiana with angel hair pasta. I personally very much appreciate when employers do thinks like this for their employees because it really does help to make me feel welcome and part of the team.

Griswold Family Christmas In La Mesa

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Christmas Lights La Mesa

The Griswolds In La Mesa

        If you don’t know who the Griswolds are then you should just turn around and walk away from my blog. Seriously, get your ass out of here until you can appreciate what I’m saying… Go watch the “Vacation” movies!

The Day I Met Chuck Yeager & Duncan L. Hunter

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Duncan L. Hunter Book-signing

Congressman Duncan L. Hunter, Author, Victory in Iraq: How America Won

        Over the last couple months I have been bringing books, two sackfuls at a time to Maxwell’s House Of Books in exchange for store credit. So far, my schlepping of about 70 books has yielded a credit of $38. Yesterday I gobbled up twenty of it so I could own a copy of Duncan L. Hunter‘s new book, Victory In Iraq: How America Won. Why? Because that’s a great title and because Hunter was going to be in La Mesa, at Maxwell’s signing copies. The photo above shows Hunter signing my actual book. After he signed it we chatted for a minute or two and then I was going to be more or less on my way.

Duncan L. Hunter Book-signing

Congressman Hunter Laughs With The People

        I scanned book titles as I slowly walked towards the door when a woman noticed my camera, which lead to a brief conversation that ended with her saying what a great photo op this is since the congressman and Chuck Yeager are here. “Yeah, it sure is,” I replied. “We’re very lucky to have… Wait. What?!?”

Chuck Yeager And Me

Photo By Ken Stone -

        Chuck Yeager, the first human being on the planet to travel faster than the speed of sound, the most famous aviator in the world for over 60 years is in this bookstore right now? What? Turns out, Chuck Yeager and Duncan L. Hunter are old friends so General Yeager just came down to the signing to show his support. Now that is really something and was the icing on the cake for a great day for me because Chuck Yeager is a quintessential American and that is exactly what I was looking for today.

        Victory In Iraq: How America Won. I saw that title and knew I had to read that book because books that have something good to say about America are rare these days. It will be refreshing to read an entire book that talks about what America is doing right because it will help me to remember that America is a great country.

        Chuck Yeager became a legend during that romanticized time when America was doing most things right and most people loved our country. I had actually been thinking about what it would take to get Americans to just… Love America again. I started that journey yesterday, first by watching La Mesa firefighters use The Jaws of Life to rescue a woman trapped in a car, then by meeting a former congressmen who’s written a book about American victory in Iraq and by seeing Chuck Yeager, the greatest aviator in the history of the world with my own two eyes. It was a good American day. The photo above shows General Yeager on the left and me on the right. Yep, that’s me in the same room, really just across the table from the true American, Chuck Yeager. also has an article and photos of this event which you may read if you click here.

Technomania Circus: The Xmas Show

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Technomania Circus Christmas- Show 2010

Mary Christmas At The Door Of Technomania Circus

        The Christmas season is upon us and Technomania Circus is upon Christmas. I’ve never been able to actually say what Technomania Circus is, I’ve only been able to to show photos and write words about what I see when I’m there. So, what is it, why do I go, what do I see and who’s there? Let me put it this way: If I were to blog about the show without the added benefit of the photos I take, no one would believe me. Hell, there are photos taken of men on the moon and I barely believe that happened. So, with that being said, if you care to acquaint yourself with the circus a little bit before delving into the rest of this post, I have several videos that can be seen here. The photo above shows the front foyer of the circus with the lovely Mary Moeller on the right, informing circus goers that in addition to the show, the price of admission also includes homemade Christmas sugar cookies and hot cider. Yes, the ticket booth for this live theater venue is located under an icicle-light adorned UFO and just to the right of an alien sarcophagus.

Technomania Circus Christmas- Show 2010

Technomania Circus’s Stage Decorated For Christmas

        With cookies and cider in hand, I made my way to the stage and up into the stadium seating. I have been to many Technomania shows over the last year and I always have my camera in hand. This ultimately presents a challenge for me as a photographer. You might think it would get easier each time, but that really isn’t the case because at this venue it will be apples one day and sailboats the next. The challenge for me is to ensure that I do the circus justice by keeping the photos fresh and capturing the spontaneity of the show. It sounds easy but believe me, it’s not. It’s like saying all you have to do is blow and wiggle your fingers to play the tuba.

Technomania Circus Christmas Show 2010

The Audience Eagerly Awaits The Start Of The Show

Technomania Circus Christmas- Show 2010

Technomania Circus Christmas - Show 2010

        To the left is the entrance and vanity in the bathroom of Technomania Circus. I bet you’re wondering what’s around the corner to the left aren’t you? I took a few photos of the interior but I’m not going to include them because there are some things you just have to see in person to appreciate, so make a specific trip to Barrio Logan just to get a look at an eclectic bathroom. Above we see Dr. Techno on his rola-bola, which is, as far as I’m concerned, the official start of every Technomania Circus show.

Technomania Circus Christmas - Show 2010

The Elves Arrive And The Show Begins

        What’s that you say? You’d like me to show some more photos without having to read my editorial after each and every one? OK, I can do that, but don’t say I never did anything for you. Stick with the post all the way to the end for a video synopsis of the show.

Technomania Circus Christmas - Show 2010

Technomania Circus Christmas - Show 2010

        I will say a little bit about the photos, but it’s really just to fill up space to make sure they align properly. 🙂 In all seriousness, check Technomania Circus’s website for the next show and make sure you make it down there.

Technomania Circus Christmas - Show 2010

Technomania Circus Christmas - Show 2010

Technomania Circus Christmas - Show 2010

Technomania Circus Christmas Show 2010

Technomania Circus Christmas - Show 2010

        We, the audience were treated to three different Santas, Jesus Christ, jugglers, The Weldermen, Dr. Techno, Hugh Hefner and LOTS of blacklight theater. The circus is also blessed to have a damn fine band with Paul Moeller at the helm.

Technomania Circus Christmas - Show 2010

A Christmas Miracle, Then Grandpa Chopped Down The Tree

Technomania Circus Christmas - Show 2010

The Weldermen Ominously Appear On Stage

Technomania Circus Christmas - Show 2010

Blacklight Theater And Techno Santa

Highlights From Technomania Circus’s Christmas Show 2010

        The video above is a brief synopsis of the show. A great rendition of “Happy Christmas (War Is Over)” by John Lennon played on the harp, Valerie Power mystically and beautifully playing “Silent Night” with her singing saw, extreme rola-bola balancing and music are in the video yet represent only a small portion of the entire show. The beginning and end of the video are dark, but for those portions it’s all about the music anyway so there’s no need to adjust your television set. Anyway, bravo once again to the cast of Technomania Circus for being such gracious hosts and for putting on a great show that will give me one more reason to look forward to Christmas next year. Cheers!

Homeless Under The Bridge In San Diego

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Homeless In San Diego On Commercial Street

Commercial & 15th Street – San Diego

        Last Sunday in walked north on Commercial Street from the 12th & Imperial transit station to just past 17th to get a look at the clutch of homeless that live under the I-5 bridge, where it crosses over Commercial Street.

Homeless In San Diego At Commercial & 19th Under I-5

Under I-5 – Commercial & 19th Street – San Diego

Walk For The Cure In San Diego

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Backpacks Belonging To Walkers Walking In The Walk For The Cure Event

Walk For The Cure In San Diego 2010

        The same day I was at Lindbergh Field, a weekend-long walk for the the cure (breast cancer) event was wrapping up in the area of PETCO Park. There were hundreds of backpacks spread out on the parking lot so I managed to grab a few shots before my trolley arrived.

Backpacks Belonging To Walkers Walking In The Walk For The Cure Event

Backpacks Belonging To Walk For The Cure Walkers

Backpacks Belonging To Walkers Walking In The Walk For The Cure Event

Near PETCO Park In San Diego, CA

American Photographer Or Terrorist?

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What's In My Eye?

What’s In My Eye?

        You may have noticed that my last few posts have been a little… Light. What I mean is that my words have lacked substance, even though the photography for the stories has been amazing and has kept me eating steak. This post is no different, and I’ll tell you why.

        I am working on an article that will show, in plain site of god & man why agents of the United States government have come to believe that American citizen photographers, people holding nothing more than a camera in their hands are approached by said agents as possible terrorists. It’s going to be huge, and the timing is perfect. After all, the HUNDREDS OF INCIDENTS in which private security guards and actual cops have approached photographers, because the authority figure thinks the photographer might be a terrorist must stem from some sort of training or knowledge right? Well, I found the source for this lunacy, and am ass-deep in writing the article to expose it. Stay tuned!

Carnivorous Birds

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Bird Of Prey

Bird Of Prey

        I saw this bird earlier today, surveying it’s domain from the top of a street light. Lack of sunlight and a slow piece of glass attached to my D5000 meant I had to crank up the ISO to 1000, which I love being able to do without worrying about noise. Anyway, as I noticed, watched and photographed this bird of prey (with HUGE talons) I was reminded of a few other blog posts of mine that also had some pics of interesting birds.

Blackbird In The Rain

A Raven In The Rain

        The shot above was featured in a post of mine this past February, and is one of my personal favorites. It was a neat combination of San Diego, rain, me and a manual focus 450mm lens that led to a shot that I just really like.

Black Crowned Night Heron at San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Park

Black Crowned Night Heron

        The shot above was taken by me last April at San Diego’s Wild Animal Park and was also featured in a blog post of mine. This black crowned night heron plucked up and then devoured the little duckling you see in it’s beak. I’ve since come to learn that the black crowned night herons in the Wild Animal Park are uninvited guests that are problematic to the staff and animals of the park because they swoop in and eat the park’s baby birds.

A Very Ugly Woman

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A Very Ugly Woman

Who Is Uglier Than Me?

         Just imagine you had to go to grandmas late on Christmas morning, and the woman pictured above is your Grandma. I think I would be terrified of clowns AND Christmas for the rest of my natural life. Seriously. Why do old Mexican women wear make-up and paint on surly looking eyebrows that make them look like pedophile rapists? Do they think they’re still in Mexico, where brighter lipstick equals higher status?

How To Make Garlic Bread

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Garlic Bread Being Made

How We Make Garlic Bread

        I can’t really tell you that I have a secret for great garlic bread, but I can tell you how to make great garlic bread. It’s pretty simple. Start with a fresh loaf of bread from the bakery, sliced to a thickness that suits your personal or situational needs. Butter the slices liberally, then top with minced garlic, salt, pepper, grated parmesan & cheddar cheese. Place the bread in a 350 degree oven for 3 minutes, then switch the oven to broil while moving the bread to whatever position is dictated by the broiler for 60 highly scrutinized seconds, then pull the bread out in great haste. That’s it.

Technomania Circus: Zombie Show!!

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Technomania Circus The Zombie Show

Zombies At Technomania Circus

        Technomania Circus entertained us last night with a performance of the 2nd annual ZOMBIE SHOW!! This show is perfectly timed for Halloween with fire and an entire cast of zombies. For those of you that have never been, Technomania Circus lives right next to the west-bound orange line trolley station at 25th & Commercial.

Technomania Circus The Zombie Show

Technomania Circus The Zombie Show

        This was my first Zombie Show, so I wondered what the Technomaniacs would have in store, beyond a zombified theme. It turned out the entire cast performed the entire show as zombies… Brilliant. We got to see zombies dance, match wits on a game show, play musical instruments, juggle and play with fire.

Newlydead Game Technomania Circus The Zombie Show

(Above) The Newlydead Game

Dr. Techno Performs Technomania Circus The Zombie Show

Dr. Techno Performs

Dr. Techno Technomania Circus The Zombie Show

Dr. Techno Technomania Circus The Zombie Show

        Dr. Techno is the guy and the guy behind the guy at the home of Technomania Circus. He is the magnetic force that attracts and holds the circus together, working tirelessly and guess what? Today, (October 24, 2010) is Dr. Techno’s 65th birthday! Happy Birthday Dr. Techno! The world thanks you for all the laughter & joy you’ve brought us.

Willy Bologna Plays The Harp Technomania Circus The Zombie Show

Anton Juggles Technomania Circus The Zombie Show

        Not to be out-done, Willy Bologna played the harp, rocking us out to a zombified version of The Cranberries song, “Zombie.” Anton the zombie juggled for us, which was amazing considering that he was after all, a zombie.

A Zombie At Technomania Circus The Zombie Show

Technomania Circus Welderman At The Zombie Show

        There was a smattering of fire and blacklight at Technomania Circus during the Zombie Show, as well as an appearance by The Welderman. The zombie above sang to us while slowly ripping off pieces of his own flesh and throwing them into the audience. Halloween is a great time of year!

Blacklight Technomania Circus The Zombie Show

Blacklight Theater At Technomania Circus

Technomania Circus Welderman At The Zombie Show

The Welderman At Technomania Circus

        And that’s a wrap! Once again I had a great Saturday night adventure at Technomania Circus, and this show took place under a full moon, which helped to make the night night extra scary and extra lively. Check the Technomania website for future shows and special events. There’s at least one show per month, and sometimes even more so you are never too far away if you happen to be in need of a fix from the circus. Above is a video that shows a minute or so of intros and Dr’ Techno’s famous balancing act and wraps up with zombies rocking out to the L7 song, “Pretend That We’re Dead.”

Progress On San Diego’s Bridge To Nowhere

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San Diego Bridge To Nowhere In October 2010

San Diego’s Bridge To Nowhere In October 2010

        It’s been a solid 3 months since my last post and photo of San Diego’s new pedestrian bridge to nowhere, so I thought I’d do a quick post with a new photo, as well as a comparison of the progress since my first post and photo of the bridge to nowhere back in October of 2009. Above is a photo that is just a few days old and below are some pics of the bridge that I’ve taken over the last year. I very much enjoy taking photos of an event that unfolds in slow motion over a long period of time, charting progress that is too slow or imperceptible for us to normally see.

San Diego pedestrian bridge over Harbor Dr.

San Diego’s Bridge To Nowhere In June 2010

        Don’t let the cloudy skies in the photos above fool you… San Diego has great weather all year round with WAY more sun than the above photos may lead you to believe.

Bridge To Nowhere Sunset In San Diego

San Diego’s Bridge To Nowhere In January 2010

        Above we have a quintessential San Diego sunset happening right behind the bridge. San Diego has some unique geography that allows for the viewing of sunsets AND sunrises over the water. Obviously you can see the sunset if you are at the beach facing west, but from Point Loma and The Silver Strand, you can face east in the morning and see the sunrise over the water too. There are not many places you can do this. I’ve personally only been able to do this twice before, and that was in Hawaii and the southern tip of Florida.

Bridge To Nowhere, San Diego

San Diego’s Bridge To Nowhere In December 2009

        The photo above was taken just after Christmas of 2009. Note the sunny skies and the warm ambiance of the photo, and then compare it to where you live in December. San Diego is a great place to live, with 3 great seasons per year, since we skip right over winter.

San Diego Bridge To Nowhere

San Diego’s Bridge To Nowhere In October 2009

        And that’s a wrap. If you would like to read my posts over the last year with some additional photos of San Diego’s bridge to no where, click here.

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