My Cat Died

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Kitty Watching San Diego's Rain

Kitten Chunks & Lumps (Kitty)

    My cat died. That is a very hard thing for me to say, type or accept. It was very sudden; there was no warning at all. She was fine and then we got a call from a neighbor that told us she was just laying in the snow in front of their house. Kitty was collected and brought back home but she was not in good shape. Something had happened to her. There was no obvious physical trauma, no blood or anything like that but she was very traumatized and could barely sit up. I petted her and talked to her and she was lightly purring but she did not seem to have any energy. All of this happened right as I had to leave for work so my parents watched over her and nine hours later, I returned. It was very hard to see Kitty’s condition when I got home. She was splayed out on her side in a very straight manner; normally she would be in a circle. Her front paws were moving in that way that cats move them, like they are kneading bread. There was this special way that she likes me to scratch her ear and when I did that, she reacted to it very weakly but she did react. I stayed up all night with her and then about seven in the morning, I went to bed. Sometime after that, my mom woke me up because Kitty was twitching. I went out there and petted her and the twitching stopped, at which point my mom said I should go back to bed. A couple of hours later, my mom woke me again to say that Kitty was gone.

    I got up and saw my dear little Kitty, gave her some pets, told her how amazing she had been and the how the 14 years we had spent together would have been nothing without her. Everything I’d been through from 2003 through this new year of 2017 would not have happened or would have been very different without her. I’ve never shared the story about how Kitty and I found each other until now.

    Back in 2003 I was living a few blocks off Colfax Avenue, in a Victorian mansion just east of Capitol Hill in Denver, Colorado. In November of that year I heard a cat meowing in the alley. I went to bed and then went to work the next day. That night I heard a cat meowing again, but this time it was a much more urgent meow. I went around back and saw this cat, sitting on the porch of a neighbor that had just moved out. I don’t know if she was left behind by them or was just a stray but when I rounded the corner of the house, this cat was all over me. I lead her around to the front of the house and she cautiously entered. She did that thing that cats do where they smell the ground in front of them before going forward. This is where things get personal and where my cat got her name.

    Here it is, almost midnight and I just invited a hungry cat into my house. I let her in because she was cold but once inside, she displayed all the mannerisms and charm that cats put on when they are hungry and want you to feed them. Those of you that have been there will appreciate what I’m about to say and those of you that have not will learn something right now. Poor people eat two things; ramen noodles and canned tuna. As luck would have it, I was sick of ramen that week so I had some tuna. This cat knew the sound of a can opener and went ape shit when she heard me opening that can. Here’s the thing though; it was my last can of tuna. It was rationed out to be my dinner that night but here is this cat meowing for two nights like she hasn’t been fed for days so, I split it with her. I dished out half into a bowl for her and I ate the rest right out of the can. That was when I told her that since she ate all those chunks and lumps of tuna that her name was now Kitten Chunks and Lumps; Kitty for short. She snuggled up to me in my bed that night but in the morning when I had to leave for work, I kicked her out.

Kitty Sleeping

Kitty Doing What She Does Best

    When I got home that night, she was sitting on the porch. When she caught sight of me she bounded down and greeted me like a dog! She was very vocal and rubbing all through my legs. I opened the front door and she ran upstairs like she owned the place. That was the moment that we decided we belong together. I was still broke but somehow, I found thirty-eight cents to get another can of tuna which we shared. She had been with me ever since, travelling with me when I moved to San Diego in 2008 and came back to Denver ahead of me in 2013. That is the story of Kitty and I.

My Short Bucket List

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    I’m busting out a quick post to tell you that I have a bucket list. When I was a kid, the term “bucket list” did not exist. There were only things that we wanted to do and places we wanted to go before we died. Since then, Hollywood has told us to make a list of things we want to do before we kick the bucket; hence the term, bucket list.

    As I write this, I have less than one hour until 2015 crashes in so I have to be quick.
This is a very short list of some things I want to do before I die. It is not the complete list, just a few of them:

    1. Learn to use a bullwhip like Indiana Jones.

    2. Learn Spanish. Something I should have done whilst living in San Diego for 8 years.

    3. Go to Greece.

    4. Skydive.

    5. Learn to use a sword in the style of a light saber. Yeah, Star Wars is the greatest movie ever made.

    6. Write a novel.

    7. Write a screenplay.

    8. Publish all the photos on my blog into a book with paper pages.

    9. Get back on a motorcycle.

    10. Learn to fly a helicopter.

    11. Make a movie about my experience in Alaska.

    That’s it. Eleven things I want to do that I’m sharing with the world before the new year. Cheers!

Rob Hurlbut On The Las Vegas Strip

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    Most of the time I spent in Las Vegas, while covering CES 2012 was spent taking pictures. CES was unbelievably big and besides the physicality of the event a problem I had was finding a way to make all the cool things I saw at the show translate in a cool way in my photos. I failed and I say that with the utmost of dignity; being worthy enough to be issued a pass, being financed enough to make the trip and being experienced enough to survive five days in Las Vegas ended up being the nuts and bolts of my trip, so it was a resounding success.

rob hurlbut at caesars-palace-holy-shrine

    I did take it upon myself to take some self portraits whilst walking around the Las Vegas Strip. While I was at Caesars Palace I came across the place of worship you see above. The Romans, the society responsible for the empire that paid for the original Caesars Palace were Pagans; they worshiped many different Gods and it was a Quid Pro Quo situation. I lingered at this place for a very long time, lighting & placing incense as I moved about the four stations of prayer. I asked for help and guidance with many things. The word I was looking for at the time was clarity and I do believe the time I spent contemplating at this shrine will give me the clarity I want to enable myself for the success I need.


    I am a photographer that stays behind my camera most the time. Think of me what you will, but I see myself as a modern day gunslinger, so you will answer to my weapon before I answer to you. I really do love being a photographer, I love to travel and I love to show the world where I’ve been, things I’ve seen and things I’m going to do.

rob-hurlbut-in-a-mirror in a bathroom in the MGM Grand

    I’d like to take a break and talk a little bit about the public bathrooms in Las Vegas. They are awesome. Every casino, every hotel and every corner store has a bathroom and none of them will have any problem with you dropping a deuce or clearing your bladder at any time of the day or night. “The Bathrooms of Las Vegas” is probably the title of a blog post just waiting to happen and I’ll read it when it comes out but it’s just too shitty an assignment for me to personally take on at this moment in time.


    Mercifully I had to get back to San Diego, so after 5 days and 4 nights in fabulous Las Vegas, it was time to get on a plane and get back to the real world. The photo you see above was taken with one of the last bits of strength I had, which was barely enough to press the shutter release button. I don’t remember any details after this shot was taken; I fell asleep and somehow made it from the airport back to my place without incident. After tending to all the bumps & bruises the laundry and the photos, I stand by my original assessment, which was that the trip was a five star, top shelf, resounding success.


    Southwest Airlines is the airline I recommend for any air travel that begins or ends within the United States of America because their employees rock and their prices are the best in the industry. They’ll never hassle you about your carry-on luggage, they’ll let you travel with a small dogs or a cat and and they serve booze on their planes. No other airline is as cool as Southwest and that is a fact. I really do believe their business model is the way of the future and very much look forward to watching as Delta, American and all the other overpriced, baggage fee price-gouging airlines are forced to change how they operate, courtesy of Southwest Airlines. They photo above really was my last act and honestly, I don’t remember taking it, but it did seem like a great photo to anchor this post because travel always involves some form of conveyance and air travel is about the best there is when it’s on Southwest. Cheers!

Denver Watches Over San Diego

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Acid Art

Animals Come In All Shapes & Colors

        My friends in Denver watch over my friends in San Diego, even though San Diego has no idea.

        An octopus may have eight arms and an anaconda might stretch from a third floor window to the ground, but Denver holds them both in the palm of his hand.  Denver was able to cure cancer in China, providing love, joy and happiness to 278 souls that had previously known only fear and evil.  Had I accompanied Denver on that Celestial journey that number would have been elevated to 428.  I just found this out.  I have just now been made aware of those actual numbers.

        Oh what a difference a day makes.

Kill Or Bee Killed

Kill Or Bee Killed

        My friends in San Diego are more powerful than Denver, but without any sort of direction, will never change the world.  It’s taken almost five years for me to realize that I can enable San Diego to change the world, and that San Diego can enable me to do the same.

Fig Beetle

One Day I’m Going To Change The World

        One day, everyone will know who I am.  One day my life story will be required reading in American history and with any luck it will be a part of the curriculum that students will look forward to learning.

Pelican Family

Can You Guess Which One Is Me?

        I love the Celestial Calendar and every other bit of bullshit that has to do with the stars.  I also leave bullshit on the ground whenever I see see it.  I don’t like bullshit because it smells like shit and if I handle it my hands will smell like shit.  That is why “water off a duck” is so apt for me.  Bullshit does not hinder me because I walk right past it, without breaking stride. Bullshit rolls off me, just like water off a duck.  My fresh smelling hands are my proof.

Chinese Zodiac Tiger

The Celestial Zodiac Has Nothing On A Tiger

        Until San Diego learns to walk past bullshit, instead of smearing it all over it’s body and flinging it about the room, Denver will remain at an appropriate remove so as not to have to see or smell beautiful women wallowing in shit.