Spring Busker Festival At Seaport Village 2011

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Murrugun At Spring Busker Festival In Seaport Village 2011

Murrugun The Mystic Brings In Spring Busker Festival

        The annual Spring Busker Festival in Seaport Village kicked off yesterday so, after being so impressed with last year’s Buskers After Dark, I went to see what busking looks like during the day; a perfect California day. A busker is a person or group of people that perform on the street, in any way shape or form, for money. A busker is not a vagrant with a sign asking you for free money, a busker is a professional entertainer that makes their living by spontaneously stirring up interest, drawing a crowd and then performing at a level high enough for passersby to feel good about throwing money into the hat and personal enough that full on audience members will hand money to the performers afterwards while expressing what a great show they have. I think it is an amazing thing to be able to do and to me it’s a very simple, ground-level example of how to be an entrepreneur, use your talents, follow your passions and have fun all at the same time. Above is Murrugun the Mystic blowing a giant fireball into the blue San Diego sky.

Stunt Double Circus At Seaport Village Spring Busker Festival 2011

Stunt Double Circus At Historic Carousel In Seaport Village

        Seaport Village is a prime spot for busking because, as you can see in the photos, the perfect seaside location is complimented by the perfect San Diego weather and the very happy people. Above we see Stunt Double Circus, a mustache wearing group of buskers that catch some serious air. In the background is the Historic Carousel of Seaport Village. For $2 you can ride on an 1895 carousel that has hand carved animals and chariots! Can you believe that San Diego is home to a 116 year old, operating merry go round? By the way, I was unable to find out, beyond a reasonable doubt what the difference between a carousel and a merry go round is which is why I just used them interchangeably. Today is the second day of the Spring Busker Festival so head on down to Seaport Village and check it out.

Seaport Village At Sunset

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Seaport Village Sunset

Sunset At Seaport Village, CA

        Last Saturday, just before Buskers After Dark started in Seaport Village, the sun set on the boardwalk, and I was there. Being able to walk from where stood to take this pic to the Gaslamp District in a just few minutes, having the sunset following me the entire way is just one of the things that make San Diego a great place to live.

Rock Balance In Seaport Village, CA

Balancing Rocks

        One of the quieter activities taking place while the sun was setting included what you see above. This man was intently balancing rocks on the edge of the boardwalk. There was no gimmick here other than pure skill and patience. I’m not kidding about this… There were no wires, magnets, Velcro or bubble gum to help hold the rocks in place, just balance.

Buskers After Dark At Seaport Village 2010

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Murrugun the Mystic at Spring Busker Festival

Murrugun The Mystic Amazes The Crowd

        The Spring Busker Festival rolled into San Diego’s Seaport Village this weekend, and it was quite a show. A “Busker” is a street performer of just about any sort… Jugglers, dancers, fire-breathers, comedians, etc. They perform because they love to perform. These people are the epitome of “follow your dream” because they are brave enough to take a stab at doing what they love for a living, rather than rotting under fluorescent lights for 40 hours a week.
        For the photo above I had meant to focus on Murrugun The Mystic, but in my haste to capture the fireball, accidentally focused on the crowd behind him instead. I think the faces on the crowd says it all. This performance was amazing and everyone there had a great time. The vignetting on the right and left side are actually the heads of the people standing in front of me. This pic was snapped at 1/100th, f/1.8, 400 ISO.

Calypso Tumblers at Spring Busker Festival

Calypso Tumblers Warming Up The Crowd

        These are just two of a troupe of about 10 or so dancers that were more flexible than any Olympic gymnast I’ve ever seen. Shot at 1/60th, f/1.8, 2000 ISO.

Project Dynamite at Spring Busker Festival.

Project Dynamite Explodes Onto The Scene

        The dynamic duo from Project Dynamite (Alex Clark & David Kaplan) pulled several people from the audience to help them out, and the two pictured above happened to be my favorite. Their immediate stage names were Berta and McLovin, and they tried their best to steal the show. Berta was kind enough to let a couple people do a motorboat between her breasts, and even helped a shy McLovin get in on that action. After being tied up in chains, Project Dynamite escaped and removed their clothes in 35 seconds. The pic above was snapped at 1/30th, f/1.8, 1600 ISO. The video below shows them escaping and undressing.

Murrugun the Mystic at Spring Busker Festival.

Murrugun The Mystic With His Money And A Honey

        When Murrugun finished swallowing swords and blowing fireballs 20 feet into the air, it was time to collect his dues. He must have left his collection hat at home so he went for the next best thing… He allowed tippers to staple money to his body! I would like to repeat that: Murrugun The Mystic allowed people to staple money to his body. $5 bought onlookers the privilege of stapling cash onto his nipple, while $20 earned you the right to staple a greenback right onto his forehead. While others stapled, I snapped this pic at 1/100th, f/1.8, 1600 ISO.

Project Dynamite at Spring Busker Festival.

Project Dynamite With A New Assistant

        After they escaped from the chains and their clothes, Project Dynamite found a new volunteer. Her job turned out to be torch bearer, or more specifically, torch thrower. After stacking 15 folding chairs and balancing on top of them, the assistant tossed six torches up to the performers, where they (the torches) were set aflame and juggled. It was quite a thing to see. Vital stats from the pic above are 1/60th, f/1.8, 1600 ISO.

Project Dynamite at Spring Busker Festival.

And Then There Was Fire

        This was the finale for Buskers After Dark, 2010 in Seaport Village, San Diego. Project Dynamite, stripped down to their skivvies juggled torches between one another while balancing 10 feet in the air on a stack of folding chairs. I bet next year will be even better!

Seaport Village

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Seaport Village

Pier Cafe In Seaport Village

        Next Saturday, April 10, 2010 is the Spring Busker Festival in Seaport Village, San Diego. With that in mind, I headed down to Seaport Village THIS weekend in order to scope out where the festival would be so I can be sure to have the best photographic vantage point on the day of the festival.

Seaport Village Busker

A Busker Practices

        Fire touching bare flesh is only one of the many weird and crazy things I hope to see at the Spring Busker Festival in Seaport Village. This particular Busker was entertaining a crowd of people by juggling knives and spinning a flaming ball of fire all around, including wrapping it around his leg.

Let’s Go Fly A Kite

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Flying A Stunt Kite

Let’s Go Fly A Kite Up To The Highest Height…

        …Oh, let’s go, fly a kite. For those of you that don’t follow me on Twitter, I have a very minimalist work schedule for the next 9 days. Today is the first of those 9 days, so I chose to spend it down by the San Diego Convention Center, Seaport Village and the Embarcadero. After de-boarding the trolley at Park & Market and having brunch at Azteca, my favorite (most convenient) taco shop, I wandered to the bay and saw some people flying kites.

Flying A Stunt Kite

A Couple That Plays Together Stays Together

        These two really knew how to throw their stunt kites around. They were all over the sky and with 4 strings per kite, they were definitely in charge. The structures in the background are the San Diego convention center and WAY in the background are PETCO Park’s lights.