Subatomic Energy

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Sub-Atomic Energy

Sub-Atomic Energy

Sub-Atomic Energy

Sub-Atomic Energy

Sub-Atomic Energy

Sub-Atomic Energy

        Explosions at the sub-atomic level are once again captured on film. Brilliant streaks of light, released from particles many times smaller than individual atoms streak into our universe while lighting up sub-atomic space. As scientists struggle to harness this particular form of energy creation for use in our world, they produce events that make for some very beautiful photography, as seen below. I have been fortunate enough to be present for three instances of these sci-fi subatomic photographic events. The first was back in July of 2009, and can be seen here. The second, which was only a couple months ago, in November of 2009 can be seen here.

The Moment Of Creation

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The Big Bang

Our Universe Milliseconds After The Big Bang

        In a laboratory, amongst particle accelerators and radiation, scientists have managed to reproduce a microscopic version of THE BIG BANG in a controlled environment. Incredibly enough, was there with my camera, and it’s amazing macro capabilities so I was able to capture the shot above.

The Pillars Of Creation

Objects Very Similar To The Hubble Telescope’s PILLARS OF THE EARTH Photo

        Fractals have been something that I struggled to wrap my mind around. After taking this shot, however, I can see that patterns do repeat themselves from small on up to immeasurably large. You have to use a bit of imagination I suppose, but to me, this sub-atomic photo of a laboratory created BIG BANG looks like the famous Pillars Of Creation photo taken by the Hubble Telescope in 1995. From microscopic to telescopic, I am now a believer in the “Universe In Our Fingernail” concept.

Fireworks On The 4th Of July

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Infrared & Red Filtered Light

Infrared & Red Filtered Light

        Now, this is something exciting! The Hubble Telescope and the Palomar Observatory look to the far reaches of the outer universe, while simultaneously, men, women, and even children point microscopes downward in search of the mysteries of the INNER universe. Each of the following images represents pieces of matter, hundreds of times smaller than individual atoms, interacting and colliding together in brilliant displays of energy.

Digital Tsunami Moving @ The Speed Of Light

        This model is a 3D snapshot of that same matter a few moments after exploding and releasing their energy.  The energy being released is contained in the red mountains, heading toward you at the speed of light.  If this pure, initial form of energy scaled up into the world as we know it, our ENTIRE MILKY WAY GALAXY would easily fit inside one of the canyons in the lower foreground.

X-Ray Light

X-Ray Light Shows Spokes Of Energy Radiating Into Sub-Atomic Space

        Tube-like structures, of unknown make-up thrust outward from collections of matter, which had previously been pulled together presumably by gravity, or electromagnetic attraction.  These tubes are a mystery to science right now…  No one knows what they are.

Ultra-Violet (UV) Light

UV Light Shows A Violent World Beneath The Base Of The Tubes

        Even with the strongest UV filter available, the internal structure of the tubes could not be seen.  What is the purpose for extending these tubes outward before the explosion?  Do explosions ever happen BEFORE the tube extends out?

Visible Light

Visible Light – Enhanced To Show Detail On Tubes

        This all happened on July 4th, 2009, so there were fireworks all over the universe that night.  Technically, there is no color at the sub-atomic level and these explosion happen so fast that our brains would no even register anything until we were dead from the radiation, but baring all that, this is what it might look like to us, if were were down there.