Meet Me In Indy At Technomania Circus

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Meet Me In Indy at Technomania Circus

Fox Colton, Michael Loyd, Dr. Techno and Nik Slavicek

    Technomania Circus produced and performed an all original musical play earlier this summer titled, “Meet Me In Indy.” It was written by Fox Colton and starred the entire cast. For those of you that don’t know, Technomania Circus is located at 2558 Imperial Ave. in the Logan Heights district of San Diego. Personally, I’ve been going to their shows for over four years and photos from the first shows I attended were among the first articles I posted on my blog. So for me, this troupe is an integral part of my blogging and photographic career.

Fyre and Michael Loyd At Technomania Circus

Michael Loyd and Fyre

    Of course you can’t have a musical without music, singing and dancing so this play had them all. The premise was all about the unique people and weird laws that exist in the great state of Indiana. There was also some cock fighting and fried chicken that, because it was made with methamphetamine, caused people to scream out as if they had Tourette syndrome and become addicted to the chicken. Not a bad business model if you ask me!

Meet Me In Indy at Technomania Circus

Tourette Syndrome Chicken

    The characters, costumes, music and scenarios that come out in a Technomania Circus show are always different from one show to the next. That is part of the amazing appeal of each performance. Dr. Techno and his troupe will involve the audience, sometimes they will serve bacon and other times bring people up on stage. This is definitely a venue where, “the more the merrier” is a very real thing. When you arrive for a show, be prepared to cheer, yell and scream, boo and hiss and applaud like your life depended on it!

Meet Me In Indy at Technomania Circus

Fox Colton – Writer Of “Meet Me In Indy”

    Meet Me In Indy also featured a couple of gunfights and tragically, the proprietor of the methamphetamine chicken store was one of the casualties. Guitar player and writer of the play Fox Colton laments the demise of his culinary friend.

Manda As God At Technomania Circus

Manda As God

    God made an appearance at the end of the show as well. I suppose she was there the entire time but as we all know, God shows up when we least expect it. Their next show will be on November 1st and it will be a Zombie themed show. It will be funny and scary but most of all, it will be a good time. Below is some video from the show. Cheers!

Technomania Circus Puppet Show

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Fyre, Dr. Techno and Fox Colton

Fyre, Dr. Techno and Fox Colton

    From now through July Technomania Circus will have a show every Saturday night at 8. I’ve been to over 20 shows over the course of four years so you can trust me when I say that it is the best show in San Diego. Usually, we all have to wait for a month between shows so their weekly schedule this summer is a welcome surprise indeed.

    So, what is Technomania Circus, what are Technomaniacs and who is Dr. Techno? The latter two are performers in the show and the founder of the circus, respectively. To say or explain what Technomania Circus itself is takes a little more depth. It’s a noun in the most conventional sense; it is people, it is a place and it is a thing. Every show is different but there will usually be some music, blacklight theater, comedy, dancing and sometimes Springer the Wonder Dog will make an appearance. There is usually a theme to each show and on this particular night it was puppetry. There were also a few songs performed. Above we can see Fyre, Dr. Techno and Fox Colton doing one of the things they do best.

Michael Loyd Bassist at Technomania Circus

Bass Player Michael Loyd

    As I mentioned earlier, music is a big part of any Technomania Circus show, no matter what the theme. Most of the skits are set to music and the house band warms up the crowd before the show. Michael Loyd, pictured above is the 5 string bass player in the band.

Shadow Puppet Theater

Shadow Puppet Theater

    A puppetry theme at Technomania Circus will mean much more than ordinary sock puppets talking to each other. Oh no, this show had a few shadow puppet stories, some blacklight marionettes and couple ventriloquist type performing animals that included an owl singing, “Who Are You?” by the Who.

Sexual Education Rabbit Puppet

Sexual Education Rabbit

    This rabbit explained to us how most of us are probably very under-sexed. I couldn’t agree more!

Blacklight Cat and Mouse Skeletons

Blacklight Cat and Mouse Skeletons

    I think what makes the shows so fun is that they are all original and very clever. The blacklight scene above was part of a skit where a skeleton cat was stalking a skeleton mouse as it was eating a piece of cheese. The mouse wasn’t scared because, as he explained to the cat, if he was captured and eaten he would just escape through the cat’s ribcage. Funny!

Dr-Techno and Valerie Power

Dr. Techno and Valerie Power

    Dr. Techno and Valerie Power are two of the main driving forces behind Technomania Circus. Dr. Techno is the guy that usually warms up the crowd before the show and directs the final bow at the end.

Technomania Circus Butts

Dr. Techno, Valerie Power, Fyre, Michael Loyd And Bryan

    At the end of this particular show, the cast bowed for the audience in more directions than you would see at any other show in San Diego. As the curtain was about to fall, we were reminded that next Saturday they will be performing an all original musical by Fox Colton titled, “Meet Me In Indy.” It should be a great time and I hope to see a packed house for the show.

    Above, Dr. Techno, Valerie Power, Fyre, Michael Loyd and Bryan (The drummer) say their goodnights. One thing I didn’t have the presence of mind to ask when I met her was how Fyre got her name. I have a feeling that the answer will be an entire blog post on its own! Below is a video and photo montage taken at the show. Cheers!

Video From Technomania Circus Puppet Show

Technomania Circus Blacklight and Vaudeville Show

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Surly Gurly art at Technomania Circus

Entering Victory Theater

    For the first time in almost a year, I got to see a Technomania Circus show at Victory Theater. As the self proclaimed biggest fan of the show and after posting many photos and videos from past circuses, I can say that this was EXACTLY what I needed right now. The performance on this particular night was a blacklight and vaudeville theme preceded by an art show. Many of the paintings and pieces of multi-media artwork were created by the very talented performer and artist, Surly Gurly. Not only did her art grace the walls of the theater, she also graced us with some aerial acrobatics with silk ropes and a hoop during the show.

    For the rest of the summer, Technomania Circus will be hosting shows every Saturday night at their venue, Victory Theater which is located at 2558 Imperial Ave. in San Diego. It is, as you will see from the photos and video in this post, fun for the entire family and with a different show every week, you will always want to come back for more.

Surly Gurly art at Technomania Circus

“Are We Free Yet?” By Surly Gurly

    When you attend a Technomania Circus show you get more than just the show. The Technomaniacs and Victory Theater are the epicenter for the artist scene in San Diego. Singers, dancers, musicians artists, painters and even lowly photographers will eventually make their way to a Technomania show. It is almost as rite of passage and afterwards you will be able to say that you are on your way to making big with the San Diego art crowd. The photo above is another of Surly Gurly’s pieces that was on the wall of the theater. It is titled, “Are We Free Yet?”

Technomania Circus Victory Theater Bathroom

Victory Theater Men’s Bathroom

    Even the bathroom walls are adorned with vintage ads, art and lots of other stuff. The Technomaniacs live to entertain and they want to make sure that their audience has a good time. With an entire wall in the men’s restroom dedicated to beer ads, I think the tone is very well set.

Technomania Circus Band

Technomania Circus Band

    When the band starts playing and Dr. Techno appears on stage on stilts, you know the show is about to get underway. They started to play a song that I can only imagine was titled, “In My Pants,” and as they played, the cast slowly emerged from Dr. Techno’s giant pants.

Technomania Circus In My Pants

Technomania Circus Dancers

    Dancing is always a big part of any Technomania Circus show so it was not completely unexpected to see three women rocking out on stage right off the bat.

Surly Gurly on Silk Ropes

Surly Gurly On Silk Ropes

    Surly Gurly, the artist & performer made a several appearances during the show. She dazzled us with aerial performances that were done high enough off the ground that the lack of a safety net made for some breath holding moments.

Richard Canedo and Dr. Techno at Technomania Circus

Richard “Fingers” Canedo And Dr. Techno

    Richard “Fingers” Canedo, pictured on the left is probably one of the most amazing pianists I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. He has been a part of every show that I’ve been to and his piano/keyboard provides a backdrop of music that helps to make every Technomania Circus show very special.

Dr. Techno Shadow Puppet Theater

Shadow Puppets And The Victory Theater Audience

    Of course, Dr Techno is the guy behind the guy. Above we can see him performing shadow puppet theater. Notice just how close the audience is to the stage. Technomania Circus shows are events where audience participation is part of the good time. As audience members, we might get asked to go on stage, read lines or even get to have some bacon. Yes, bacon has been served to the audience at the show before.

    At the beginning of this post, I said it was a blacklight and vaudeville show, so by now, I’m sure you’re ready to see some blacklight photos. Here they are!

Technomania Circus Blacklight Fish

Technomania Circus Blacklight Magic Hands

Technomania Circus Blacklight People

Technomania Circus Blacklight People

Technomania Circus Blacklight Technoman Robofriend

Technomania Circus Cast

The Cast Of Technomania Circus

    The show wrapped up with the entire cast donning pointy hats with letters on them that, as they sang a custom song to the tune of the Mickey Mouse Club theme song, eventually spelled out Technomania. It was a great show, very funny, original and visually appealing. Two thumbs up and I can’t wait to go to another show. Cheers!

Valerie Power’s Birthday Party At Victory Theater

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The Core Of Technomania Circus

    In San Diego we have our own circus; Technomania Circus. Victory Theater is the place where they chart a monthly course of comedy, acrobatics and music. Their theater was a Christian church in a former life and the Technomaniacs have done a wonderful job of incorporating their own style over and above what the original church goers had going on. Usually the décor & ambience are for the benefit of the adoring fans but on this night, everything was done up for one of their own. I was honored and privileged to attend the 40th birthday party of the magnificently talented Valerie Power.


Nick – A Welderman and Technomaniac

    Every party needs a campfire for roasting, warming and gathering. This one got started early and was just the perfect thing. Yes, there is an outdoor experience as well as the theater. Technomania Circus has much more room at Victory Theater than they had at their old place allowing for much more freedom, artistic creation and bigger audiences.

Richard on Piano and Dr. Techno on Drums

Music Is The Heart and Soul of Technomania Circus

    Music played continuously throughout the evening and at one point I even jammed on a drum set, which turned out to be just as fun as I thought it would be. The group that is Technomania Circus is one of those groups of ridiculously talented people that are changing the world one audience member at a time. They all play instruments, they all perform and they always want the people around them to smile, laugh and have a bang-up great time.


Valerie Powers Celebrating Her 40th Birthday

    Singing “Happy Birthday” and watching someone blow out the candles as they make a wish on their birthday is just about the best thing to be a part of and I was glad to be able to take some photos of the occasion. I’ve known Dr. Techno and his Technomania Circus for 3 years and they have only gotten better with age.


Bring On The Candy!

    The piñata was taken care of in short order, with Nick being the one that actually busted the thing apart.


The Pinata Comes Alive!

    Anything can happen at Technomania Circus. For example, have you ever seen a piñata come to life, sprout legs and then have to be beaten down by the birthday girl? I didn’t think so.


Happy Birthday, Valerie!

    The next Technomania Circus show is at 8pm this Saturday at Victory Theater and it’s called, “The Western Show.” The theater is located at 2558 Imperial Ave., in the Logan Heights area of San Diego; easily accessible by car, bus or trolley. Head down there and be ready to have the best night of live theater comedy you will have seen in a long time. Cheers to all the readers and Happy Birthday to Valerie!

Zombie Show 2011 At Technomania Circus

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Victory Theater Zombies!

    May I proudly present to you, direct from the Victory Theater, my friends at Technomania Circus presenting – The Zombie Show! They have a new, grand Victory Theater at 2558 Imperial Ave. and it is perfect for what they do. What they did on this occasion was entertain us for a couple hours as Zombies, wrapping up the music and laughter filled evening with The Zombie Rapture. Besides the show and their gorgeous new theater being awesome, it was just flat out great to see the whole gang again. How ironic that it would be a theater full of Zombies that helped to bring me and the blog back into the world of the living!


Dr. Techno & Zombie Springer

    Dr. Techno and the troupe will soar to new heights at this new theater; I have no doubt about that. It is huge with seating for about 200 people, men’s and women’s bathrooms, a snack bar a store and a full on lighting & sound system.


Zombie Food – Crickets and Worms

    The shows at Technomania Circus are interactive and sometimes include complimentary snacks such as bacon, cookies or candy. This show included crickets and worms. I tried the crickets, which tasted like seasoned popcorn that had antenna.


Zombie Hospital

    A zombie hospital is not a place where zombies are treated for their injuries and released. No, a zombie hospital is a place where zombies treat the living, usually until they die from it. Above an audience member is about to have some vital and not so vital organs removed by a zombie doctor.


Zombie Paul Moeller

    Paul Moeller and his lovely wife, Mary have become good friends over the last couple years and it’s always a treat to see what they have come up with since I talked to them last. As you can see, Paul has recently become a zombie, wearing his brains in the very zombie-chic style of, outside the head.


The Cast Of Technomania Circus After The Zombie Show

    During the month of October, there are Haunted Tours through the Victory Theater where you can see Satan & his imps at work, visit an alien gravesite, design your own grave and even have a mock funeral so be sure to check out Technomania Circus’s website for all the gory details. Next month they are having a Vaudeville show and next week DangerHouse Productions will be presenting, Fear Beautiful Fear at the theater, so head down there and show your support for San Diego’s only performing circus. Cheers!

Technomania Circus Blacklight Theater

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Technomania Circus Blacklight Show Golfing

Golfing Under Blacklight

        Technomania Circus held a blacklight theater at their usual in Barrio Logan venue, The Center for Performing Arts last night and I was there, right in the front row, which I think are the best seats in the house. For those of you that don’t know, San Diego has a regularly performing circus troupe that happen to be an amazing group of people we all know as Technomania Circus. Dr. Techno is the lead Technomaniac as well as the man that keeps the bacon sizzling. Yes, bacon was served during the show, cotton candy was available and there is a fine art gallery in the foyer of the bathroom. Awesome!

Technomania Circus Art Gallery

Technomania Circus Art Gallery

        This month’s theme was, “Blaaack Liiiight,” always spoken in a deep, menacing voice. Blacklight theater is a lot of fun because it’s like a real life special effect; you don’t get to see everything and that’s what makes it special. The show started at 8pm but thanks to our perfect San Diego weather and long summer days it wasn’t dark yet so we were treated to some music, comedy, juggling and balancing as the sun slowly drifted away.

Technomania Circus

Balancing On Ladders

        This summer will make it two years that I’ve been going to shows at Technomania Circus. It was way back in July of 2009 that I first went to, photographed and wrote about their show and I haven’t looked back since. The address of the circus is 2438 Commercial St. San Diego, CA 92102, right next to the 25th & Commercial St. trolley station. You are certainly welcome to bring food, drinks and cameras into the show and the venue is in an area heavy with taco shops and corner stores so you can get everything you need for the show when you arrive.

Willy Bologna At Technomania Circus

Willy Bologna About To Play The Harp

Technomania Circus Blacklight Show

Technomania Circus Center For Amusing Arts

        Once we got past twilight it was time for, “Blaaack Liiiight!” This is what we’d all been waiting for and it did not disappoint. They took us all over the place, as you’ll see in the photos and in the video at the bottom of the post. For you photographers out there, the sharp photos were taken at 1/45th, f/3.5, ISO 3200 while the photos that show a lot of motion blur were exposed for 1 second, f/3.5, ISO 800. Ya done good Technomaniacs, ya done real good. See you next time.

Technomania Circus Blacklight Skeletons

Technomania Circus Blacklight Skeletons

Technomania Circus Blacklight Show Dr. Techno Robofriend

Technomania Circus Blacklight Show Dr. Techno Robofriend

Technomania Circus Blacklight

1 Second Of Time At Technomania Circus

Technomania Circus Blacklight

A Blacklight Creature

Technomania Circus Blacklight Show

Pleasing The Blacklight Gods

Technomania Circus Blacklight Theater

Technomania Circus 420 Show

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technomania circus 420 show jon smokes a joint

Let’s Get Things Fired Up!

        Weed is all around us. When the government forced the entire marijuana operation underground some 74 years ago it was bound to surface again somewhere, and that somewhere turned out to be California. Before, during and most likely after the legalization issue has been decided there will continue to be all manner of movies, songs, websites, books and manuals dedicated to Mary Jane. On Saturday, Technomania Circus did the world the favor of adding to that list of media by writing and presenting an entire live theater performance enthusiastically devoted to the sweet, sweet chiba. Dr. Techno and his venue, The Center for Amusing Arts played host to a show that was timed and humored perfectly while tackling some very important issues that have developed out of the war on drugs… I’m assuming that’s what they did. I really don’t remember because, uh… It was the 420 Show!

technomania circus 420 show jon and anton

technomania circus 420 show jon and unknown

        Technomania Circus is a unique venue because the theater has stadium and bleacher seating underneath a giant circus-tent shaped tarp which sits in front of a large stage, all of which is contained within the backyard of: 2438 Commercial St. San Diego, CA 92102. Don’t be scared when you realize that this is a private residence in Barrio Logan or that you’ve never been to that part of town before. Just follow your MapQuest directions and park on the street, your car will be fine. If you ride public transportation then you are really in luck because the venue is just a few paces away from the 25th & Imperial San Diego orange line trolley station. It’s one of the easiest places in the city to get to on the trolley so make no excuses! You always get to see Jon jump around a little, at the very least. Have a look at my collection of posts and photos from past Technomania Circus shows for a much better idea of what I am trying to say.



        Katie Rabbit (on the left) was back after a multi-show absence as an Easter bunny with eggs that held munchies and a shirt that held Twinkies. Jon and Anton (above) amazed the Technomania Circus audience with balancing, comedy, jumping and the unbelievable feat of juggling seven pins! It’s dark in there so the photo is grainy but you can clearly see all seven pins. Awesome!


Joint Rolling Contest

        There are portions of every Technomania Circus show that are interactive. This is very much a situation where the more we as audience members cheer, yell and clap the better the show will be. This is a very friendly and laid back theater. You are more than welcome to bring your own food, drinks or cameras and showing up in a costume will help you fit right in. Above we have four audience members challenging the self proclaimed joint rolling king, Jon (center) to a roll off. The dude on the left won, rolling around 6 joints in the allotted time.



        I don’t know what I can use that exists in the current day to compare with Technomania Circus. They are like a group of Steampunk people that know all about electricity. They are performers that always have something new to show you and something funny to say. They are a circus that lives right here in San Diego, thanks to them the circus is always in town. So, take a look at the Technomania Circus website for their next show date and title, make yourself a sandwich, grab something cold to drink and head on down to the show, for crying out loud!


Anton Balancing A Six Foot Bong On His Face

        This was not just a show about weed; it was a show for weed. In the same way watching an imitation of someone causes you to notice mannerisms or ways of speech you might have missed before, this show drew attention to some of the stupid, yet accepted things we put up with whilst enforcing the Federal ban on marijuana. Couple this with the fact that reefer is used to combat the side effects of federally regulated pharmaceutical drugs that are only taken because of the reefer ban and you have the makings of some ripe satire, and Technomania Circus dug right into it. With any luck at all, one day people will look back at this performance and wonder why it was considered satire, and I hope I’m around to see that day. Cheers!

Technomania Circus Absurd & Ridiculous Show

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Technomania Circus Absurd And Ridiculous Show

That’s Ridiculous!

        There was so much going on at the most recent Technomania Circus show last Saturday night you could say it was absurd… And ridiculous! There was mind reading, children playing with fire, music, juggling and A LOT of laughing. So, enjoy these photos from the evening of Technomania Circus’s Absurd & Ridiculous Show!

Technomania Circus Absurd And Ridiculous Show

Technomania Circus Absurd And Ridiculous Show

Technomania Circus Absurd And Ridiculous Show

        Dr. Techno (above) read the mind of an audience member, Sky Frank twirled fire and Anton juggled bowling pins as part of the pre-show warm up.

Technomania Circus Absurd And Ridiculous Show

Technomania Circus Absurd And Ridiculous Show

        Valerie Power once again entertained us with her singing saw while Paul and Mary Moeller sang and danced a song that I would guess has a title that is something along the lines of, “Poisoning The Pigeons In The Park.” Attending a Technomania Circus show is a rite of passage for live theater goers and it’s right here in San Diego, right next to the 25th & Imperial orange line trolley stop. Don’t be scared to come to a show or to take the trolley and if you drive there is plenty of on street parking.

Blacklight At Technomania Circus Absurd And Ridiculous Show

Blacklight Theater At Technomania Circus

Technomania Circus Absurd And Ridiculous Show

Technomania Circus Absurd And Ridiculous Show

Technomania Circus Absurd And Ridiculous Show

Sky With Fire

        Technomania Circus will be performing a western themed show in two weeks so those of you that would like to go for the first time won’t have long to wait. Until that time, you can wet your appetite by looking at some more photos from many previous shows by looking through my Technomania Circus tagged posts. Cheers Technomaniacs!

Technomania Circus Space Pirates Dance Party

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Technomania Circus Space Pirates Dance Party

The Beginning Of A Space Pirates Dance Party

        The first show for 2011 at Technomania Circus was the Space Pirates Dance Party and I was there. It was one more show that had a little bit of everything from live music to jugglers to fire. Oh yes, there was some fire at this show!

Technomania Circus Space Pirates Dance Party

Jon & Anton Juggle Fire

Technomania Circus Space Pirates Dance Party

Technomania Circus Space Pirates Dance Party

Technomania Circus Space Pirates Dance Party

Dr. Techno & Valerie Power Behind The Shadow Puppet Show

Technomania Circus Space Pirates Dance Party

Technomania Circus Is Flexible

Technomania Circus Space Pirates Dance Party

What Is Missing From Our Fire Juggling Act?

Technomania Circus Space Pirates Dance Party


        In the photo above, it may look like Anton is taunting the children with fire while Jon is reassuring the parents. Yep, it might look like that but don’t worry, the children survived and we were all very entertained.

Technomania Circus Space Pirates Dance Party

Jon In The Crow’s Nest Blowing Fire Into Barrio Logan

        Even if you were not fortunate enough to attend this show don’t worry because there is a Technomania Circus show every month or so. I’ve been to several so be sure to have a look and my other posts, photos and videos of Technomania Circus. The Technomaniacs remain, without a doubt, one a the gems of San Diego. The video above shows Jon & Anton entertaining & juggling. Great job Technomaniacs!

Technomania Circus: The Xmas Show

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Technomania Circus Christmas- Show 2010

Mary Christmas At The Door Of Technomania Circus

        The Christmas season is upon us and Technomania Circus is upon Christmas. I’ve never been able to actually say what Technomania Circus is, I’ve only been able to to show photos and write words about what I see when I’m there. So, what is it, why do I go, what do I see and who’s there? Let me put it this way: If I were to blog about the show without the added benefit of the photos I take, no one would believe me. Hell, there are photos taken of men on the moon and I barely believe that happened. So, with that being said, if you care to acquaint yourself with the circus a little bit before delving into the rest of this post, I have several videos that can be seen here. The photo above shows the front foyer of the circus with the lovely Mary Moeller on the right, informing circus goers that in addition to the show, the price of admission also includes homemade Christmas sugar cookies and hot cider. Yes, the ticket booth for this live theater venue is located under an icicle-light adorned UFO and just to the right of an alien sarcophagus.

Technomania Circus Christmas- Show 2010

Technomania Circus’s Stage Decorated For Christmas

        With cookies and cider in hand, I made my way to the stage and up into the stadium seating. I have been to many Technomania shows over the last year and I always have my camera in hand. This ultimately presents a challenge for me as a photographer. You might think it would get easier each time, but that really isn’t the case because at this venue it will be apples one day and sailboats the next. The challenge for me is to ensure that I do the circus justice by keeping the photos fresh and capturing the spontaneity of the show. It sounds easy but believe me, it’s not. It’s like saying all you have to do is blow and wiggle your fingers to play the tuba.

Technomania Circus Christmas Show 2010

The Audience Eagerly Awaits The Start Of The Show

Technomania Circus Christmas- Show 2010

Technomania Circus Christmas - Show 2010

        To the left is the entrance and vanity in the bathroom of Technomania Circus. I bet you’re wondering what’s around the corner to the left aren’t you? I took a few photos of the interior but I’m not going to include them because there are some things you just have to see in person to appreciate, so make a specific trip to Barrio Logan just to get a look at an eclectic bathroom. Above we see Dr. Techno on his rola-bola, which is, as far as I’m concerned, the official start of every Technomania Circus show.

Technomania Circus Christmas - Show 2010

The Elves Arrive And The Show Begins

        What’s that you say? You’d like me to show some more photos without having to read my editorial after each and every one? OK, I can do that, but don’t say I never did anything for you. Stick with the post all the way to the end for a video synopsis of the show.

Technomania Circus Christmas - Show 2010

Technomania Circus Christmas - Show 2010

        I will say a little bit about the photos, but it’s really just to fill up space to make sure they align properly. 🙂 In all seriousness, check Technomania Circus’s website for the next show and make sure you make it down there.

Technomania Circus Christmas - Show 2010

Technomania Circus Christmas - Show 2010

Technomania Circus Christmas - Show 2010

Technomania Circus Christmas Show 2010

Technomania Circus Christmas - Show 2010

        We, the audience were treated to three different Santas, Jesus Christ, jugglers, The Weldermen, Dr. Techno, Hugh Hefner and LOTS of blacklight theater. The circus is also blessed to have a damn fine band with Paul Moeller at the helm.

Technomania Circus Christmas - Show 2010

A Christmas Miracle, Then Grandpa Chopped Down The Tree

Technomania Circus Christmas - Show 2010

The Weldermen Ominously Appear On Stage

Technomania Circus Christmas - Show 2010

Blacklight Theater And Techno Santa

Highlights From Technomania Circus’s Christmas Show 2010

        The video above is a brief synopsis of the show. A great rendition of “Happy Christmas (War Is Over)” by John Lennon played on the harp, Valerie Power mystically and beautifully playing “Silent Night” with her singing saw, extreme rola-bola balancing and music are in the video yet represent only a small portion of the entire show. The beginning and end of the video are dark, but for those portions it’s all about the music anyway so there’s no need to adjust your television set. Anyway, bravo once again to the cast of Technomania Circus for being such gracious hosts and for putting on a great show that will give me one more reason to look forward to Christmas next year. Cheers!

Technomania Circus: Zombie Show!!

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Technomania Circus The Zombie Show

Zombies At Technomania Circus

        Technomania Circus entertained us last night with a performance of the 2nd annual ZOMBIE SHOW!! This show is perfectly timed for Halloween with fire and an entire cast of zombies. For those of you that have never been, Technomania Circus lives right next to the west-bound orange line trolley station at 25th & Commercial.

Technomania Circus The Zombie Show

Technomania Circus The Zombie Show

        This was my first Zombie Show, so I wondered what the Technomaniacs would have in store, beyond a zombified theme. It turned out the entire cast performed the entire show as zombies… Brilliant. We got to see zombies dance, match wits on a game show, play musical instruments, juggle and play with fire.

Newlydead Game Technomania Circus The Zombie Show

(Above) The Newlydead Game

Dr. Techno Performs Technomania Circus The Zombie Show

Dr. Techno Performs

Dr. Techno Technomania Circus The Zombie Show

Dr. Techno Technomania Circus The Zombie Show

        Dr. Techno is the guy and the guy behind the guy at the home of Technomania Circus. He is the magnetic force that attracts and holds the circus together, working tirelessly and guess what? Today, (October 24, 2010) is Dr. Techno’s 65th birthday! Happy Birthday Dr. Techno! The world thanks you for all the laughter & joy you’ve brought us.

Willy Bologna Plays The Harp Technomania Circus The Zombie Show

Anton Juggles Technomania Circus The Zombie Show

        Not to be out-done, Willy Bologna played the harp, rocking us out to a zombified version of The Cranberries song, “Zombie.” Anton the zombie juggled for us, which was amazing considering that he was after all, a zombie.

A Zombie At Technomania Circus The Zombie Show

Technomania Circus Welderman At The Zombie Show

        There was a smattering of fire and blacklight at Technomania Circus during the Zombie Show, as well as an appearance by The Welderman. The zombie above sang to us while slowly ripping off pieces of his own flesh and throwing them into the audience. Halloween is a great time of year!

Blacklight Technomania Circus The Zombie Show

Blacklight Theater At Technomania Circus

Technomania Circus Welderman At The Zombie Show

The Welderman At Technomania Circus

        And that’s a wrap! Once again I had a great Saturday night adventure at Technomania Circus, and this show took place under a full moon, which helped to make the night night extra scary and extra lively. Check the Technomania website for future shows and special events. There’s at least one show per month, and sometimes even more so you are never too far away if you happen to be in need of a fix from the circus. Above is a video that shows a minute or so of intros and Dr’ Techno’s famous balancing act and wraps up with zombies rocking out to the L7 song, “Pretend That We’re Dead.”

Technomania Circus Presents The Beer Show

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Technomania Circus Beer Show

The Beer Show Begins

        I have inexcusably missed a show or two, presented by Technomania Circus this summer, but I did attend the BEER SHOW last night and the Technomaniacs did not disappoint. This particular show was about all things that, in one way or another, having to do with beer. It started out with a clutch of the cast walking in a zombified manner to the stage, affirming their allegiance to beer.

Technomania Circus Beer Show

Dr. Techno Introduces The Musicians

        One (or two) of the unsung heroes of Technomania Circus are those that provide the music for the shows, playing everything from a tubas to accordions to pianos.

Technomania Circus Beer Show

Evil Lucy Plays With Fire

        There were a few guests from out of town performing at this show and one of them was Evil Lucy, from New York. She is one of those irrational people that plays with and flings fire around like a yo-yo.

Technomania Circus Beer Show

Technomania Circus Beer Show

        John and Anton are two of the mainstays at Technomania Circus. They like to balance things on their faces, juggle and heckle the crowd, more or less in that order. We all know that I am an anti-flash advocate. Flash photography is just about the worst thing in the world. This show, and Jon in particular helped to drive that point home… When some one is balancing on a ladder, 10 feet in the air while juggling bowling pins, turn your flash off! Crank up the ISO on your camera and slow your shutter down. The photo below is a great example of this. The slow shutter and lack of flash create a great sense of movement.

Technomania Circus Beer Show

Ezmeralda Volunteers

        There was a goodly amount of audience participation for this show, and that is something that never fails to entertain. Even though I have only two series of live theater performances under my belt, I have a vast reservoir of public speaking and debating to draw from, so performing, as a volunteer or not is something I personally find easy to do. That being said, it is very comical to watch people being dragged up on stage that would rather remain as members of the audience. The joy of Technomania Circus is that audience participation transcends phobias like this, and brings everyone up (or down) to a level that consists of laughter, happiness, joy and comedy.

Technomania Circus Beer Show

All Hail The Beer!

Technomania Circus Beer Show

Cows Filming A Commercial

        We all remember that late 1990’s and a series of Budweiser commercials with three frogs, each responsible for a syllable of the word, Bud-wise-er. For the photo above, a big shot Hollywood director tried to re-create this commercial with cows, but all cows can say is, “Moo.” Or so we thought.

Technomania Circus Beer Show

Technomania Circus Beer Show

        So, ultimately and for the umpteenth time in a row, Technomania Circus entertained, amazed and perhaps even enlightened me… Great show guys, the world of beer drinking will never be the same!

Technomania Circus Beer Show

Technomania Circus Presents The Beer Show

Technomania Circus Time Travel Show

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Technomania Circus

Welcome To Technomania Circus

        Technomania Circus is a law unto itself. Before the show started, Dr. Techno read our minds, entertained us and most important of all, made us laugh. We all knew from the title of the show that we would be traveling through time, but when you are at Technomania Circus, most things are not always as they seem.

Technomania Circus

Technomania Circus

Technomania Circus

Technomania Circus

        That being said, I once again I found myself in the audience of Technomania Circus and once again I was amazed by what I saw. For this performance of the Technomaniacs, we took a journey through time, a journey that went through millions of years of history, and we laughed the entire time. We, as Americans do not have a sense of history that that goes beyond 1776, when we became a country. Most of us have no idea what the world was doing before that, but Technomania Circus does, so they educated and entertained us by reminding us what happened before, during and after the mighty United States of America was an idea, a reality and a ghost.

Dr. Techno At Technomania Circus

Dr. Techno At Technomania Circus

        Something I’ve never mentioned before is the personal guarantee that Dr. Techno gives each and every member of the audience: “You will enjoy the show or I will clean your house.” There are never any takers because everyone always loves the show.

Technomania Circus

When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth

        Our journey begins somewhere around 25,000,000 BC, when dinosaurs and talking Tyrannosaurus Rex’s where a force to be reckoned with. Just look at his tiny little hands!

Technomania Circus


        Depending on who you ask and what part of the United States you are standing in when you ask, dinosaurs and people either co-existed OR where separated by millions of years of evolution. This particular dinosaur spoken fluent English, so right now I’m thinking that people and thunder lizards were contemporaries of one another. Of course, biblical scholars would disagree, but they disagree with everyone.

Technomania Circus

Technomania Circus

        As we continued to move forward through time at Technomania Circus, we met some familiar faces. Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble demonstrated the the first automobile and the need to invent a back seat for a car. Wasn’t the Flintstones an awesome cartoon? What a great concept. The cartoon came out in the 1960’s and applied 1960’s technology to the stone age. I would be very interested to watch a remake of the show that is updated to for 2010 technology. I think watching the the Flintstones deal with stone age computers, social networks and coffee shops would be incredibly funny. Anyways, after the Flintstones came the Egyptians, and King Ramses. As you can see from the photo above, Ramses was very pleased with his volunteer on his blue ball.

Technomania Circus

The Pharaoh Ramses Balances On His Big Blue Ball

        As we progressed through time we learned that even pharaohs like to have fun. Time travel aside, this really was quite a feat of balance and concentration. Walking on top of a giant rubber ball back and forth across a see-saw is a very exciting thing to watch!

Technomania Circus

Jesus Hubert Christ!

        Jesus Christ arrived 2000 years or so after the the golden age of Egypt, and when he did arrive, he rocked the house. What was his first number 1 single? Stairway To Heaven, of course.

Technomania Circus

Henry VIII Is Entertained At The Palace

        Henry VIII had 6 wives, two of whom were beheaded, so it is easy to understand why the court musician would try very, VERY hard to keep the King of England entertained. After all, if Henry would lop off the heads of his wives, what would he lop off a lowly court musician?

Technomania Circus

The Wild West

        After Henry VIII came an American gunfighter. This particular gunfighter chose to balance on a ladder and shoot balloons from a hand-held target. He had a very steady hand and never missed.

Technomania Circus

Technomania Circus

        The photo above, on the left reminded me of a line from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, spoken by Chevy Chase, “That’s a great place for a pearl necklace.” Ahem, as we continued forward through time we got to hear a remarkable song by Albert Einstein that ran through every element on the periodic table. It reminded me of the Nations Of The World song performed by Yakko Warner of the Animaniacs.

Technomania Circus

Space Pirates!

        Dr. Techno, the leader of the Technomaniacs was the operator of the time machine throughout the show. The time machine was a gigantic, mechanical contraption that only had enough juice to take us BACK in time. However, Albert Einstein produced an unspecified quantity of OBTAINIUM, which allowed the good Dr. Techno to take us into the FUTURE with his time machine. The first thing we encountered where space pirates.

Technomania Circus

At Some Point In History We Discovered Fire

        I began to lose track of where I was and WHEN I was, but The Welderman jumped out on stage to show me the light. I was at Technomania Circus, and I was in the very distant future. I have mentioned many times in previous posts that fire is my favorite part of the show, so I like to think they closed out the show with fire just for me. I know that’s not the reason, but it could be. It could be!

Technomania Circus Presents The Time Travel Show

Technomania Circus Presents The Blacklight And Variety Show

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Technomania Circus


        My introduction to Technomania Circus was less than a year ago, and I will say now in plain sight of God and man that it has been an amazing and colorful year. Right here, in San Diego is a performing troupe of circus players that make their living as actors while providing entertainment on a monthly basis to the citizens of San Diego.

Technomania Circus


        The show they performed on May 1, 2010 was aptly titled, “Variety And Blacklight Show” and it was a stellar, hilarious, fiery and musical ordeal. There was just so much happening during this show… There was an incredible amount of variety (go figure) but there was also a healthy dose of fire, that I don’t think the audience expecting, yet immediately embraced.

Technomania Circus


        The technomaniacs have been busy since I attended their last show, “Invasion of the Oojaians: A Blacklight and Fire Intergalactic Adventure.” They have a newly constructed and much larger stage, what seemed to me to be better lighting (regular & blacklight), and a great audio system that does double duty by playing show music as well as serving as a P.A. for the actors.

Technomania Circus

Technomania Circus

        Of course, before the show started, I had to make my way through the entrance to the ticket desk. It was while I was at the desk that I saw Paul Moeller, one of the resident technomaniacs getting ready for the show. He came right up to me and informed me that not only was I “on the list” for entry into the show, but I have also been given the title, “Official Photographer” for Technomania Circus, and he produced an official badge for me to wear! How cool is that? These guys are just so gracious and welcoming no matter who walks into their yard, but this gesture really is more than going the extra mile for a fan of the show. Thanks guys!

Technomania Circus

Technomania Circus Is Where We Dance

        This show was all over the map, all over the stage and even off the stage into the audience. What makes Technomania Circus better than a movie or other live theater venues is that they bring their energy right into your lap, and you as the audience are able to throw your energy right onto the stage. There is a perfect harmony between the performers and the audience that you won’t find anywhere else.

Technomania Circus

Technomania Circus

        Every time you go to a Technomania Circus show, you will see something you have never seen before. I have personally been around the world and back again, and I used to say I’d seen everything, but then I started going to these shows. The Devil himself walked out on stage, acknowledged us mere mortals, announced that he’s a drinker and a smoker, had one of his underworld minions give him a light, and then held a Q&A with the audience. After that, the Pope, God’s human representative on Earth joined the fallen angel on stage, answered a few questions and then broke out into song. Yep, that is just a small portion of my Saturday night, spending time watching things I have never seen before. Now, let me just say now that I am a photographer, so video and video editing are pretty much a foreign languages to me. So, with that in mind, the two video clips I’m including with this post are short & sweet… Because, uh… I don’t know how to mix and edit video yet. I’m learning, but until I’m ready to go prime-time with all of it, you will have to settle for erratic clips and shoddy editing. Please don’t blame my D5000 or Technomania Circus, just blame me! At least we can now say with certainty that the Pope does indeed wear a funny hat.

Technomania Circus

Technomania Circus

Masochist Tango

        Paul and Mary Moeller, pictured above are two of the best reasons to embrace music, performing arts, and Technomania Circus. They are two of the coolest cats I have ever met. They create and perform music, they dance, sing and entertain. On this particular night, they performed the “Masochist Tango” which had some hilarious lyrics, but I just don’t remember any of those lyrics now. The premise was eloquently simple and familiar: A woman sits inside a Starbucks, writing (a screenplay) on her Mac, when a man enters and lures her into an amazingly choreographed tango. It was a sexy and provocative dance, and we audience members were enthralled. What made this situation uniquely Technomania was that they both held their coffees while dancing with each other. It was hilarious because they both danced the tango while spilling coffee all over themselves, but remained oblivious to it the entire time. Looks of passion, wanting and desire were subverted by the roaring laughter of the audience.

Technomania Circus

How About A Little Fire, Scarecrow?

        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Fire is my favorite part of Technomania Circus. I could fill an entire blog, from beginning to end with photos of the technomaniacs flinging fire around the stage. When they were kids and their folks told them not to play with matches, I wonder what their collective response was. Do you remember all those things we were forbidden to do as kids? These guys make a living by doing all of those things!

Technomania Circus

Technomania Circus

        One of the regular acts at Technomania Circus is The Welderman. These are people that don fireproof clothing, throw fire around wherever and however they please while performing music for the masses. They will be competing at the 2010 World Telekinesis Competition next month. This is a competition for people that can control fire by using only the power of their minds. It’s great to know that a hometown San Diego hero will be tearing it up in a competition of people with kinetic abilities that far surpass my own.

Technomania Circus

Jon Juggles Fire

        For some reason the word “fire” was not included in the title of this show’s performance. So, that meant that all of us audience members didn’t expect a lot, or ANY fire as we walked in. Ha! There was fire at this show, and we loved it!

Technomania Circus

Technomania Circus

        Dr. Techno is the technomaniac that generally warms up the crowd, greets theater goers and owns a very loyal dog. Right here and now, I will give him credit for aligning the pieces that comprise the Technomania Circus… Everything from the venue, the talent, the bleacher seating and the very, very crazy bathroom. This guy actually has space pirates (and a space pirates theme song) perform at his theater! I will go out on a limb and say that NO ONE has ever been able to make that claim before.

Technomania Circus

Technomania Circus

        As mentioned earlier, there will be something at EVERY Technomania Circus show that you have never seen before. When I woke up on Saturday morning, I had no idea that later that night I would see a robot, dressed in Victoria’s Secret lingerie get fondled by another (presumably male) robot. That and the earlier mentioned appearance by The Devil & pope are just two of the MANY things I had never seen before this show. Besides being a very convenient location for those of us that take the trolley, Technomania Circus is just something that you find yourself wanting to go to and looking forward to. The circus lives at 2438 Commercial St. San Diego, in Logan Heights, right across from the 25th & Commercial Orange Line trolley stop. It is literally 15 feet away from the trolley stop, so there is no reason to think you can’t take public transportation there and back. They offer drinks, snacks t-shirts and buttons for sale, and they are all reasonably priced. Feel free to bring your own snacks or drinks, but be sure to keep your drinks in a brown paper bag *wink*. Anyway, I’ll wrap up this post with one more quick (and poorly shot) video of a break dancing alien as well as with my two favorite shots of the evening. Their next show is on June 5th, 2010 and it is called, “The Wild Wild REALLY Wild Western Circus.” I’ll see everyone there. Cheers!

Technomania Circus

Jon Blows Fire At Technomania Circus

Technomania Circus

Technomania Circus Is The Greatest Show On Earth

Technomania Circus: Invasion of the Oojaians

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Technomania Circus Blacklight Invasion of the Oojaians

Technomania Circus Presents The Blacklight & Fire Show

        Here we go! Fire, black-light theater, aliens, music & comedy crash onto the scene at Technomania Circus. The full title of the show is, “Invasion of the Oojaians: A Blacklight and Fire Intergalactic Adventure.” With a title like that, you know you’ll be in for a good time. On my way into the venue, two young ladies stood just outside, the entrance, and asked me for a light. I obliged, and from the conversation that ensues while a cigarette is lit I found out that one them is the girlfriend of a cast member and the other was attending her very first Technomania Circus Show. Perfect! That is what I like to see. A veteran of the circus bringing a virgin to the altar.

Alien Fire Girl At Technomania Circus

Aliens – Oojaians Produce Fire

        The first thing we see as we walk inside the circus is an alien tending to some sort of fire producing retail enterprise. Fire! Yes, fire. Preshow entertainment was well underway, and the fires were already burning when I met Dr. Techno at the entrance of Technomania Circus. After chatting with him and Valerie, another cast member for a few minutes, I found a seat, pulled out my D5000 and got ready for the show.

Technomania Circus Fire Surfer

Defensive Surfing

        Just is case you never thought you’ve see a surfboard on fire, Technomania Circus arranges it for you, in person, no more than ten feet from where you sit. This particular surfer then proceeded to balance this surfboard on his chin. Where else in the world are you going to see something like that?!? This show was a very well told story of aliens and trying to overcome very simple communication barriers. There was a full on alien orchestra, which played throughout the show, in the shadow of a pimped out flying saucer. We spectators learned Morse code and eventually learned to communicate with the aliens. The show was very interactive, and the more the audience cheers, the better the show!

Senior Portrait at Technomania Circus

Say Fire For The Camera!

        This photo is exactly what it looks like. There are some people that can command fire like a dog, and this man is one of them. Fire is still my favorite part of Technomania Circus, and real fire adds so much to a live theater performance.

The Weldermen At Technomania Circus

The Weldermen

        The Weldermen appeared with their fire laden instruments, and they helped to sort things out with the aliens. There is something to be said for a group of people that create their own fiery instruments to compliment a live blacklight performance. All of a sudden, a group of people wearing welding masks and carrying instruments of fire appear and light up the stage with fire. Absolutely incredible!

Blacklight Balance At Technomania Circus

Blacklight Balance

        This show had performance after performance of hilarious and amazing blacklight illusions. Invisible minions dressed in black lend unseen hands to the acts, and the acts are amazing. Spaceships, aliens, shooting stars, levitation and a bit of fire are all on the menu, and they are all gourmet.

Technomania Circus The Weldermen Attack

Technomania Circus’s Fire & Blacklight Show

Don’t Use A Flash, Crank Up The ISO On Your D5000 Instead

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Catching Another Flash, ISO 3200 D5000

The Dangers Of Using A Flash

        The two photos in this post were taken a split second apart at identical camera settings: Nikon D5000, 76mm, 3200, f/1.8, 1/40th. The top photo looks scary because I happened to take the shot at the same time that another photographer in the audience fired off his flash. The bottom photo was taken with nothing more than the ambient light of the theater. I think the photos speak for themselves. If you mouse over the photo above, you can see the effect very clearly. A flash will destroy the ambient light and throw shadows all over the place. It’s hard to say why this other photographer chose to use his on camera flash instead of going the route that I did. As you can see with my photo below, the mood that was created by the artists of the theater is preserved and displayed forever in my photograph forever.
        A flash, in the wrong environment is like a bolt of lightning, scaring everyone around and freezing a moment in time like a sledgehammer crashing down on a slab of steel. Do yourself a favor in low light conditions… With your camera in aperture priority mode, turn off the flash, turn up the ISO to the max, and open up your f-stop to the max. You will be amazed! Just look at the differences between these two photos! Don’t be scared to force your camera to take good pictures… Candlelight, night time & low light in general calls for a high ISO and a wide open f-stop, NOT A FLASH!

Technomania Circus Is Still A Circus

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Fire At Technomania Circus's Mob Show

Technomania Circus Breathes Fire Over Barrio Logan

        Their next show is March 20th, 2010. It is the Fire & Blacklight Show and it is incredible to watch. To see photos from last year’s show, click here.

Technomania Circus Jugglers At The Mob Show

Jugglers Warm Up The Crowd

        Technomania Circus is fun to photograph cameras are welcome. For better pictures, don’t use your on camera flash. Instead, raise the ISO on your camera, have your aperture wide open (smallest f/#) and use shutter speeds between 1/30 & 1/100th of a second.

Strength & Balance At Technomania Circus

Dancing, Balance & Feats Of Strength

        This was shot at 3200 ISO with a Nikon D5000. I am really liking my new high ISO and what I can do with it. The dancing pair above are always fun to watch and are very friendly before, during & after the shows. HE, is also the fire breather from the first picture in this post.

Fire First Appears At The Mob Show - Technomania Circus

The Fire Appears

        200 ISO, 1/50th, and f/1.8 cracked out this shot of the fire as it was first brought onstage at Technomania Circus.

Technomania Circus’s Mob Show

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Shootout At Technomania Circus's Mob Show

Mobsters Abound At Technomania Circus & The Mob Show

        “The Mob Show: Happiness Is A Warm Tommy Gun” was the full title for Technomania Circus’s latest production, and what funny, exciting and all around entertaining show it turned out to be. This was my fifth (I think) Technomania Circus show, and I have taken photos at every single show I’ve attended. I posted photos and wrote about my experiences at The Fire & Blacklight Show, The Wild Wild West Show, The Gypsy Music Show and The Parody Show. As a finicky photographer, I don’t just photograph what I see, I photograph what I like, and I really, REALLY like Technomania Circus. I emailed Dr. Techno, the leader/founder/spokesman with links to my posts and pics, and he always emailed me back to say thank you, and has even featured my photos on the Technomania Circus website. All the while, I never identified myself to the Technomaniacs.         I snapped my pics from the anonymity of the audience, and then left after the show, without saying what I had done, who I was, or what I intended to do. When I showed up for The Mob Show, a full half hour before the doors were scheduled to open, Dr. Techno himself was at the door, and I said, “Hi, I’m Rob, from The World Is Raw.” He knew immediately who I was and ushered me inside to meet the cast of Technomania Circus. The entire cast chatted with me, talked with me and showed me around, just because of what I had produced with my camera! They are such an amazingly friendly and talented group of people that I hardly felt worthy to be there, yet they allowed me to be there. So, Technomaniacs, thank you for showing me who you are BEFORE the show, and I now present to you what you are to all of us DURING your show.

Conspiracy At Technomania Circus's Mob Show


        The roaring 20’s may have roared a little less had Congress not ratified an amendment to the constitution that made alcohol illegal in the United States. This well thought out, brilliant idea essentially created organized crime in a country that was barely 150 years old, and that is where this story begins… If you know what I mean. The Thompson sub-machine gun, which we all know as the Tommy Gun, fires .45 caliber slugs at a rate of 600 rounds per second into any living or non-living thing that that stood in the way a the delivery, distribution or consumption of what today is the last legal drug… Alcohol. The story has a beginning, middle and end, so the puritans can’t complain. What happens when a group of mobsters hang out in a speak-easy that is has a mole, working for the FBI as a bartender? I’d tell you but then I’d have to kill you!

Mob Olympics At Technomania Circus's Mob Show

The Mob Olympics

        As the show was getting ready to begin, this musician played song after song of Deadwood era music on his keyboard. He played with an effortless calm that helped to set a false tone for the performance that was about to begin. Even though I am not a prophet, I knew that if Technomania Circus was going to put on a show dealing with mobsters, gangsters, the Tommy gun and prohibition that it would not be a lecture or a learning experience. I knew it was going to be a riot of laughter, fun and drinking.
        This gifted piano player simply played and played with what appeared to be very little effort… Of course as the audience, we don’t see the years of practice, only temperate discipline that musicians somehow manage to summon.

Mobster's Girlfriends At Technomania Circus's Mob Show

Mobster's Girlfriends

        One of the best things about Technomania Circus is how much fun the cast have performing. This was reaffirmed to me while I was backstage before this particular performance. These are not a group of elitist, snooty performers that prohibit photography and charge $80 per person like Cirque du Soleil. These are folks like you and I that hold down regular jobs while bringing joy, love and art to the world. For ten bucks you can walk on in, chat with the performers, laugh with your friends and walk away with a priceless memory that can only be formed in Barrio Logan, San Diego.

Tommy Gun At Technomania Circus's Mob Show

Happiness Is A Warm Tommy Gun

Fire Piano At Technomania Circus's Mob Show

Fire Piano At Technomania Circus

        Technomania Circus, for me, will always mean one certain thing, and that thing is fire. These guys are fearless, fireproof performers that will always deliver at least a fireball or two during each show. Did you know that a trombone and a piano can spit fire like a cowboy spits tobacco? Have you ever seen a man climb 30 feet into the air and shoot fireballs into Barrio Logan’s dark night sky? If you haven’t then you need to put Technomania Circus on you to do list right now. Do it RIGHT NOW! One of a kind art is produced by Technomania Circus at least once a month before your very eyes.

Blacklight Underwater At Technomania Circus's Mob Show

Swimming With The Fishes

        Blacklight illusion is one of the trademarks of Technomania Circus, and they didn’t disappoint for this show. During the course of the show, the mobsters learned that the bartender in their favorite speakeasy was an undercover FBI agent, so they sent him to swim with the fishes. This agent of early American justice did not become fish food, he became and ultra-violet, bright fluorescent survivor that battled sharks, the sea and eventually the Mob.

        Blacklight theater was something I had never seen before I made the acquaintance of Technomania Circus. It is a real art form that has a wonderful, counter-intuitive quality about it. You can’t see the color black, while all the other colors beam at you like planets and galaxies under an extra-terrestrial sky. I forget exactly what was said, but the shark to the left spoke certain words of wisdom to our intrepid hero, that had just been sent to “sleep with the fishes.” These words gave him the hope, courage and desire to make it back to shore, and crush the vile scum that had cast him overboard in the first place. How often do you see a a UFO a boat, the ocean, a shark and a blacklight man in the same photo?

Fire Trombone At Technomania Circus's Mob Show

Fire Trombone At Technomania Circus

        You just had to know that sooner or later, fire would make an appearance at this show. Of course, it would not just be a simple wood-burning fire, this was fire emanating from instruments, torches, pianos, a man’s mouth, sparklers and butane torches. These Technomaniacs stepped up to the plate for the audience, and they hit a fiery, propane fueled home run. San Diego weather, practically NEVER includes rain, but rain fell for about 3 of the last 5 minutes of the show. Not one member of the audience of cast minded, and by the time the 2 minutes rain-shower stopped, the cast had already killed themselves, and the audience.

Fire At Technomania Circus's Mob Show

Fire At Technomania Circus

        Photographically speaking, fire is one Hell of Prima Donna bitch to capture correctly. The next show to be produced by Technomania Circus is The Fire & Blacklight Show, so with any luck at all, I will be able to hone my fire catching skills there. For The Mob Show, the fire portion came on very suddenly at the very end of the show, and of course it started to rain right at that very moment. As I tried to shield my Nikon D5000, focus, adjust my camera settings and look for some killer composition, the Technomaniacs ignited their flammable materials, and rocked the house with music, fire, dancing, gunshots and song. They sang a song, to the tune of “We Are The World” that swapped out lyrics to make it “We Are The Mob,” and it was hilarious. It ended with the entire cast in a Reservoir Dogs style Mexican standoff that resulted in the entire cast gunning each other down. After they were resurrected for the curtain call, they gunned down the audience, and we all died willingly, and with huge smiles on our faces.

        March 20th, 2010 is the date of their next show. It will be special for me because The Fire & Blacklight Show LAST year was what really turned me on to the Technomaniacs and what they do. Don’t miss it, or you will be sorry. You can bring your own snacks and the more you cheer, the better the show.

Mobsters At Technomania Circus's Mob Show

The Mob Show – Happiness Is A Warm Tommy Gun

Technomania Circus Presents The Parody Show

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Burning Man At Technomania Circus Parody Night

Burning Man at Technomania Circus

DJ At Technomania Circus During The Parody Show

The DJ Spins @ Technomania Circus

Burning Man At Technomania Circus Parody Night

Burning Man Parody Up Close

        Before the show even began, the DJ entertained the crowd with music from the late 20th century, warming us up and setting the mood for “The Parody Show” at Technomania Circus. This was the first show for 2010, and The Technomaniacs pulled out all the stops, including fire, burlesque, juggling, Elvis Presley, blacklight theater and Lady Gaga even made an appearance, as did Martha Stewart. For The Parody Show, the cast of Technomania Circus made fun of just about everyone, including the audience, themselves and Tiger Woods. This was three hours of fun and satire and it closed with a fast moving awards ceremony honoring many of the most talented performers in San Diego. The show is so easy to get to, especially on the orange line trolley. Technomania Circus is located at 2438 Commercial St. San Diego, in Logan Heights, right across from the 25th & Commercial Orange Line trolley stop. Trolleys come by every half hour, and the schedule can be seen here. I was fortunate enough to be using a borrowed Canon T1i for the evening, so I shot every frame at 3200 ISO and a shutter speed of 1/15th for almost every frame as well.

Dr. Techno From Technomania Circus During The Parody Show

Dr. Techno

Cooking With Martha Stewart & Lady Gaga At Technomania Circus During The Parody Show

Martha Stewart & Lady Gaga

        Dr. Techno started things off with his guitar playing balancing act and was also our host for the awards show that followed the performance. The cast were all presented with trophies that varied from a small statue of a three headed dog to a diorama that contained a hula dancer and shrunken skull. You just never know what will happen at a Technomania Circus show.

Sarah Palin Booksigning AT Technomania Circus During The Parody Show

Sarah Palin Going Rogue

        Lady Gaga took cooking instruction from Martha Stewart, and one of the rhyming orders by Martha was something like: “Lady Gaga take this please and bake that bitch at three fifty degrees.”

Technomania Circus Cast & Crew On Parody Night

The Cast Of Technomania Circus

        The entire cast was all smiles for this show, and rightly so because most of what they did was very funny, with several moments of outright hilarity. Their awards ceremony, which wrapped up the evening was just as funny as the show itself and even a lucky audience member won an award.

Fire At Technomania Circus During The Parody Show

Fire At Technomania Circus

Juggler At Technomania Circus During The Parody Show

        Fire is my favorite part of these shows, and the cast always makes sure to add extra elements of danger. You’ll want to take note of a few things in the photo on the left, including the spaceship in the background, the fact that the left performer is balancing on a two point ladder, the juggling pins on the stage and the woman in the center wearing a bathrobe with possibly nothing else underneath. Saturday nights that hold a performance from Technomania Circus are just so easy to attend and are so much fun to watch. They are full of energy and engaging for the audience so the more you cheer the better and funnier the show is. Next time I will bring a tasty beverage because after three hours of cheering, I was feeling a little parched. Their next shows will be on February 13th & 23rd, with the doors opening at 7pm, pre-show at 7:30pm and the show starting at eight. The show is entitled “A Mob Show: Happiness Is A Warm Tommy Gun.” See pics from previous shows: The Fire & Blacklight Show, and The Wild Wild West Show .

Technomania Circus Cast & Crew On Parody Night

San Diego’s Technomania Circus Cast & Crew, January 9, 2010

Technomania Circus & The Wild Wild West Show

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Technomania Circus Fire Bunny

Beautiful Indian Being Played With Behind Fire

        Once again, I found myself at Technomania Circus, for some live theater entertainment. On this particular Saturday night, Technomania Circus put on a Wild, Wild West Show, complete with gunfire, indians, cowboys, trapeze, fire and blacklight. I arrived just as the show was starting, and was actually led into the theater by the cowboys, as they made their theatrical entrance. While this made for some initial excitement for me, it also meant I did not get my usual spot at the top of the stadium seating. Not a big deal for watching the show, but terrible for taking pictures. The two keepers I shot are presented to you in this post.

Tehcnomania Circus Indians

Technomania Circus Presents The Wild Wild West Show!

        This was a great show. For those of you that are not Technomania Circus Virgins, your will recognize the Indians of this show are also the fire performers from the Fire & Blacklight show back in July. It was so much fun, and the crowd cheered and encouraged the performers the entire time. Technomania Circus is simply the best, cheapest, funniest, most retro night you can spend in San Diego!

        You can see my post and photos from their Fire & Blacklight Show, which was presented back in July 2009 by clicking right here. I love Technomania Circus!

Technomania Circus On Video

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The Jealous Fire & A Beautiful Woman

Beauty & Danger At Technomania Circus

Technomania Circus is also host to music acts that range from normal guys with guitars to to men in full-on welding rigs that use fire and brimstone as their instruments. The video at the top as one of those, the video below is somewhat more traditional.

Fire & Blacklight Photography @ Technomania Circus

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Technomania Circus

Everyone Is Welcome At Technomania Circus!

        The Blacklight & Fire Show @ Technomania Circus is the natural result of our high-tech and brightly lit world. Welding masks hide the faces of musicians playing fire dancing instruments; a beautiful woman tames reluctant flames, men breath fire as if they were dragons from thousand year old European lore. Leave planet Earth on an interstellar chase through a galaxy of bold colors and infinite black with the 3D optical illusions of blacklight.

Technomania Circus

Kidnapping, Magic, Galactic Travel & Dancing Reunions

Fire Breathing Dragons at Technomania Circus

All are welcome, with 21 & up encouraged.

Arrive 30 minutes early and you can sit anywhere you want.

If you bring snacks, reusable containers are better than foil & plastic bags.

Take the trolley to 25th & Commercial – It’s a piece of cake, don’t be scared.

Bottled water is free and the bathroom would make Louie XIV jealous.

The more you cheer, the better the show.

Instruments Of Fire - Technomania Circus

These Fire Gods Make Their Creations Sing & Dance

        The metal strings, brass buttons, horsehair strung bows and hide covered drums we know as the only way to make music are volcanically replaced with fire and gas by these blind, carbon based beings.  They are obviously minions from the center of a superheated star, with fire itself ready to leap at the flick of a wrist.

Fire Show! - Technomania Circus

This Is The Fire Show!

        Believe it or not, you don’t need a tripod because the fire gives you arches of instant, one of a kind light, so bring a camera because every shot is gold!  Fire, an element, a realm of the gods, a WEAPON of the gods is flung before your very eyes and then recalled and made to dance.  It is an unbelievable site to watch fire as a slave to a flesh & blood mortal.

Lots Of Digital Noise - Technomania Circus You have got to see the music filled world of the Techno-Gods and their amazingly colored world.

Find out what is going on with Technomania Circus for yourself.

Just walk around to the back.  Go ahead!

The Technomania Circus

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Technomania Circus Stage

Bird’s Eye View Of The Technomania Circus Stage – At The Center For Amusing Arts

When entering the Center for Amusing Arts, enroute to the Technomania Circus Stage in back, you will be greeted by Dr. Techno himself.  He’s a nice guy and seems to love what he does, which is bringing together wicked talent for semi-weekly performances.  He pumps that crowd before, during and after the performances, something that every person on stage needs once and a while.

This coming weekend, July 31 & August 1, 2009 will be the latest installments of the FIRE & BLACK-LIGHT SHOW.  The photos to be taken will surely result in an outpouring of art to be enjoyed by all.