San Diego ZombieWalk

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    San Diego is host to a ZombieWalk that happens regularly at Halloween and irregularly throughout the rest of the year. On this day the zombies were marching for equal rights so the undead marched through Gaslamp District at the height of dinner rush with an un-grunted ultimate destination being the grounds of the convention center and the Comic-Con crowd.


    ZombieWalks are free and all zombies are welcome and encouraged to attend the walk and many did. Basically, once the undead mob is pointed in a direction and set loose, it is a slow motion movie from Horton Plaza, through Gaslamp District all the way to the Hard Rock Hotel and the madness of Comic-Con.


    The walkers of ZombieWalk do it out of a love for Zombies and just to have a little fun. Not everyone understands this concept, but that’s OK; they’re probably zombies of a different sort anyway!


    I’m sure you’re clawing with excitement to see the rest of the photos, so I’ll let you get to it. Don’t forget to follow San Diego ZombieWalk on Twitter or visit the San Diego ZombieWalk website for their blog and contact info. If you see yourself in any of the photos, mention it in the comments or Tweet me @TheWorldIsRaw! Cheers!




zombiewalk-nurse nicky zombie-san-diego








    I’d like you to take the time to notice the Zombie couple in the photo above. In the real world I know her on Twitter as @WarptWendy. She responded to a ZombieWalk related tweet of mine which lead to me to see her recent pics posted to Twitter which lead me to recognize both her and her husband in a photo of mine; the photo posted above. I offer this as proof that Zombies are social creatures so even as abominations of the undead they should be afforded SOME of the rights they enjoyed during procreated life. I do not agree with or support their demands for food. If I have to roam my ass to the grocery store, they can roam their undead carcasses to an elementary school or graveyard and pick up their own damn lunch. Cheers again!