The Art Of Daphne Hill At Planet Rooth

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Art Of Daphne Hill

The Art Of Daphne Hill

        I was able to put in a brief appearance last night at a Daphne Hill art show held at Planet Rooth Studios. My time was very limited so I had to cruise through like a jet-setting celebrity and was only able to meet the artist as I was about to fly out the door. She was very pleasant and has a great handshake. I liked her pieces a lot. They definitely grab your attention right away.

Planet Rooth During Daphne Hill Art Show

Planet Rooth During Daphne Hill Art Show

        The owner of the studio is Gustaf Rooth, who has at least two irons in the fire: Planet Rooth Studios and Barrelly Made It, a company and workshop that creates furniture from the disassembled iron hoops and wooden slats of wine barrels.

Daphne Hill And Friends At Planet Rooth

Daphne Hill (Far Right) At Her Art Show With Her Friends

Gustaf Rooth Sell's Planet Rooth's First Piece By Daphne Hill

Planet Rooth Owner Gustaf Rooth As The Studio Sells It’s First Work Of Art

        While I was there the sale of the studio’s first piece occurred. Gustaf Rooth, as owner of the studio signed the tear sheet.

The Art Of Daphne Hill

The Art Of Daphne Hill

        The studio is in a great location at 5th ave. and Thorn St. right at the northwest corner of Balboa Park so try get down the to see the studio and then have lunch downtown and wrap the trip up with a stroll through the park.


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