Valentine’s 2010 On Coronado, CA

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Waves Off Coronado, San Diego, CA. February 13, 2010

Crashing Waves Off Coronado For Valentine’s 2010

        Valentine’s Day Weekend in San Diego, specifically off the West coast of Coronado saw set after set of 8 foot waves and at least one surfer rolled the dice with his skill on this windy day. It was very bright, my 300mm lens is unfamiliar to me and there was sand everywhere.

Seagulls Fighting For Food In Coronado. San Diego, CA.

Seagulls Fighting For Food

        The seagull on the right has a crab, so all the OTHER seagulls chased after him, trying to make him drop the crab. These birds are LOUD, and they ultimately did make the original crab owner drop it.

Valentines Day On Coronado, 2010

February 13th 2010 On Coronado

        People that live in San Diego have a weather advantage over most other places. It was beautiful today, and Apollo Ohno won the silver medal, so life is good.

Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego CA.

Hotel Del Coronado, Valentine’s Day Weekend 2010

        As seen in “Some Like It Hot” even though they said it was in Florida, Hotel Del Coronado is one of the 1000 Places To See Before You Die” by Patricia Shultz. It is very picturesque and there was even a wedding photo shoot going on down by the shore.


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