Walking Around La Mesa

July 1, 2010 by  

Summer Beauty In San Diego

Jacaranda Tree

        The sky was completely overcast, so I went walking around La Mesa with my Nikon D5000 in tow. I wanted to take photos of my area is if I were a tourist, and everything was new to me.

The Price Of Gas In La Mesa - June 28, 2010

Price For Gas In La Mesa, CA – June 28, 2010

        Of course, I mean that I wanted to take photos as a tourist that happens to also be a photographer. If I was from some far off land, there would be a lot of things I have never seen before in La Mesa.

Replacing Roof Tiles

Fixing The Roof Of La Salsa Restaurant

        I think I would photograph a lot of signs if I didn’t speak the language or couldn’t read their alphabet. Regular people doing regular things would be another thing that would interest me as both as a photographer and as a tourist.

Walking The Dog

Walking The Dog Across El Cajon Blvd

        The above shot was taken right where El Cajon Blvd ends and merges into I-8 heading east. Downtown La Mesa is about a 7 minute walk from here.

Tree Ornaments

Tree Ornaments Hang Peacefully From A Tree

        I found these to hanging decorations to be very Zen and very clever.

The Bridge Over I-8

The Bridge Over I-8

        The high fence on the left is very sturdy and in intended to keep things from falling or being thrown off the bridge onto the traffic of I-8 below.

construction barricades

Construction Barricades


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