We Come In Peace

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Luminous Beings Captured On Infrared Thermal Film

        It is not every day that you get to photograph something that is not from this planet. These beings, shrouded in light that was invisible to my naked eyes, beamed to life in this infrared image. I had been hunting something completely different, yet equally elusive as extra-terrestrial life, so I was already camouflaged to an obscene degree. That’s when I saw them.

        Facing west at about 2:15am, while standing on an uninhabited island off the coast of California, I had no idea these beings, or the debris strewn ramp on which they were working were there until I happened to look in that direction through the viewfinder in my camera. It was pitch black to my human eyes. Through the camera’s lens however, they gleamed so brightly that it was just impossible to pull any detail from the blown out highlights. I managed to remain completely undetected by these beings while capturing dozens of images of these being while they prepared for what turned out to be their departure. Images of these aliens, moving objects around, blasting huge plugs of infrared light in to the sky, and what I believe was one being of light being disciplined with what is best described as a floating stream of water, controlled by an unseen force. When the floating device touched the alien, it was like throwing bacon on a hot griddle. None of these shots were composed to my liking though, and were subsequently destroyed.

        While taking the images, I felt no worry about being discovered, because I felt that even if I was, I wouldn’t be probed. I believe probing by aliens is a stereotype that would not apply here. In my opinion, these, aliens, not the entire race of aliens, but these particular astronaut aliens would be more into gaming than probing. I would think that controlling flight between galaxies is like playing an XBOX Infinity. These aliens might be looking for uranium or platinum, so nothing inside me would interest them at all. Bringing the zoom all the way back out, and switching to regular light film, revealed a different scene altogether. I’m not sure which I like better, but at least you can see where the inspiration for one lead to the other.



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  1. Nik Boulrice on August 17th, 2009 2:15 am

    I too was at the scene of these pervasive aliens… Unlike the author of this post I do believe that these Astro Organic Life forms are quite involved in the probing industry… I do agree that the stereotype of “probing” is completely misguided by popular media such as Hollywood and comic books. I have found probing, through Astro Organic Life forms, tends to be quite relaxing and similar to an eight hour deep tissue session at a Palm Springs health and body spa.

    I have been looking for these life forms for a few decades now and was quite excited when they touched base on the surface. But before I was able to make contact, the author of this post alerted them to his presence, thusly they fled and to the safety of their space traveling device… Again I sit and wait, hoping for a proper probing.

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