Whistle Stop Bar In San Diego

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Whistle Stop Bar

The Eve Of New Year’s Eve – 2010

        This will be my final post for 2010 and I am making it right in the middle of a very chaotic time for me, so it will be brief and it will be remembered for me as the post I made while sitting in a bare apartment, on the cusp of 2011. Anyway, last night my cousins and I went to the Whistle Stop Bar in San Diego for a little spoken word entertainment put on by So Say We All.

Whistle Stop Bar

Whistle Stop Bar

The Spoken Word

        Venues like this are tough for a photographer for many reasons. The obvious ones are lighting, the crowds and lighting. Bars and live music venues all use the same lighting designer that lit the Bat Cave, so either bring some fast glass or be prepared to crank up your ISO. All four photos in this post were shot at 1/45th, 1600 ISO and f/4.5. The photo below was a random, spur of the moment shot that turned out to be a gem. This magnificent Christmas light display is across the street from Whistle Stop Bar, and is a great example of community involvement.

Across From The Whistle Stop Bar

The Last Photo Published By The World Is Raw For 2010

        There you have it my friends. This wraps up the second year of running, writing and photographing for this blog. You’ll see a post from me in the next few days, even though it won’t technically be till next year, next DECADE actually. Happy New Year from Rob at The World Is Raw!


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